The Southern C x Badass Women’s Book Club: March 2023

Mar 9 2023

by Katelyn Whelan

Celebrating Women’s History Month

by Gina Warner, founder of Badass Women’s Book Club


We celebrate women 365/24/7 at the Badass Women’s Book Club with books FOR badass women, BY badass women!  That being said, check out these new releases and old favorites that are perfect for celebrating Women’s History Month! 


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Fearless Women by Elizabeth Cobbs

When America became a nation, a woman had no legal existence beyond her husband. If he abused her, she couldn’t leave without abandoning her children. Abigail Adams tried to change this, reminding her husband John to “remember the ladies” when he wrote the Constitution. He simply laughed―and women have been fighting for their rights ever since. Fearless Women tells the story of women who dared to take destiny into their own hands. Many of these women devoted their lives to the cause―some are famous―but most pressed their demands far from the spotlight, insisting on their right to vote, sit on a jury, control the timing of their pregnancies, enjoy equal partnerships, or earn a living. At every step, they faced fierce opposition. Elizabeth Cobbs gives voice to fearless women on both sides of the aisle, most of whom considered themselves patriots. Rich and poor, from all backgrounds and regions, they show that the women’s movement has never been an exclusive club. You can read more and get your copy here.


Bookish Broads: Women Who Wrote Themselves into History: Marino, Lauren, Kilburn, Alexandra: 9781419746239: Books

Bookish Broads by Lauren Marino

Women have written some of our most extraordinary literary works while living in societies and cultures that tried to silence them. These women dared to put pen to paper to express the multifaceted female experience. In Bookish Broads, Lauren Marino celebrates fierce, trailblazing female writers, reworking the literary canon that has long failed to recognize the immense contributions of women. Featuring more than 50 brilliant bookish broads, Marino cleverly illuminates the lives of the greats as well as the literary talents history has wrongfully overlooked. Each intimate portrait delves into one woman’s works and is accompanied by vibrant illustrations depicting each literary legend in her element and time. You can read more and get your copy here


When Women Stood: The Untold History of Females Who Changed Sports and the World: Allred, Alexandra: 9781538171349: Books

When Women Stood by Alexandra Allred

An unapologetically candid and illuminating history of women and their fight for equality, told through the influential world of sports. From early Amazons to modern-day athletes, women have been fighting for their rightful place in the world. The history of these female athletes—whether warriors on the battlefield or competitors in the sports arena—has often been neglected, yet it is through sports that women have changed society, gaining entry into education, travel, politics, and more. You can read more and get your copy here.


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Lives of the Wives by Carmela Ciuraru

Lives of the Wives is a witty, provocative look inside the tumultuous marriages of five famous writers, illuminating the creative process as well as the role of money, power, and fame in these complex and fascinating relationships. Lives of the Wives honors the women who have played the role of muses, agents, editors, proofreaders, housekeepers, gatekeepers, amanuenses, confidantes, and cheerleaders to literary trailblazers throughout history. In revisiting the lives of famous writers, it is time in our #MeToo era to highlight the achievements of their wives—and the price these women paid for recognition and freedom. You can read more and get your copy here


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In Praise of Difficult Women by Karen Karbo

Smart, sassy, and unapologetically feminine, this elegantly illustrated book is an ode to the bold and charismatic women of modern history. Karen Karbo spotlights a group of spirited rule breakers who charted their way with little regard for expectations: Amelia Earhart, Helen Gurley Brown, Carrie Fisher, Hillary Clinton, Amy Poehler, and Shonda Rhimes, among others. Their lives–imperfect, elegant, messy, glorious–provide inspiration and instruction for the new age of feminism we have entered. Karbo distills these lessons with empathy and humor, examining the universal themes that connect us to these mesmerizing personalities today: success and style, love and authenticity, daring and courage. Being “difficult,” Karbo reveals, might not make life easier. But it can make it more fulfilling–whatever that means for you. You can read more and get your copy here

These next two new releases are perfect for the young girls (and boys!) in your life…

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Revolutionary Women by Ann Shen

Discover the remarkable true stories of a diverse group of women who were trailblazers and leaders in their field, becoming visible icons of excellence in their communities and beyond. From making their mark on the big screen and in the halls of NASA to ruling on the courts of the US Open and the Supreme Court, their incredible stories will inspire you to embrace your authentic self and live your life in full color. For fans of Ann Shen’s beloved Bad Girls Throughout History, this spiritual successor celebrates the accomplishments of these incredible women alongside Ann Shen’s signature artwork. From dancers, actors, and singers to scientists, astronauts, politicians, and activists, these women used their voices and their passions to change the world.  You can read more and get your copy here


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Rebel Girls Rock by Rebel Girls and Joan Jett

This collection features 25 stories of extraordinary women in music–women who have moved hearts and minds with their lyrics, uplifted other musicians, and gotten people to jump, dance, and sing along with their music. Belt out pop anthems with Lizzo, bang on the drums with Nandi Bushell, and write country hits with Dolly Parton. The women in this book come from all around the world. They play different instruments, experiment with new sounds, and stand out in their genres. But one thing is true of them all: They rock!  You can read more and get your copy here


Gina Warner is an expert on women’s leadership and female empowerment.  She is the Founder of the Badass Women’s Book Club, where she challenges women to live their best badass lives by sharing and celebrating the stories, advice and encouragement written by other badass women. For more recommendations about the best books for personal and professional development, visit



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