“In the South, we are taught at a young age to be sociable and proper. The Southern C Summit reminds me of how I have grown into my Southern entrepreneurial roots and why the South is flourishing. The surroundings, the experiences and the people are certainly the strength of this wonderful event and one that I am grateful to be associated with.  We look forward to working with you in the future!”


Emmie Howard, Southern Proper, CEO

“The Southern C Summit is the most stylish networking event there is. I met so many talented and inspiring businesswomen, and discovered unique makers and beautiful products that would otherwise be unknown to me. I learned so much from the panelists and attendees—from how to more effectively use social media to how to maintain a work-life balance. The event also provided an opportunity for me to connect with entrepreneurs on a personal level, and to foster what I hope to be life-long friendships.”

Steele Thomas Marcoux, Editor-in-Chief Coastal Living

“King Bean Coffee Roasters has sponsored the Southern C for three years now and there’s a reason we keep coming back—it’s an awesome event where the sponsors really shine in thoughtful, unique ways. Cheri and Whitney work hard to weave sponsorships seamlessly into the event’s agenda so that attendees feel connected with the brands and their stories. Our sponsorship level always includes a ticket, so I’ve enjoyed attending the event and networking with all the fabulous people there. Bottom line: the Southern C attracts the best creative business people and you want to be there amongst them.”

Katie Weinberger, King Bean Roasters, Owner

“Our involvement with The Southern C, as both sponsors this year and last year, allows us to readily connect with southern movers and shakers all over the course of just several days.  The Southern C does a great job of making that initial introduction, in a setting where everyone truly has time to listen and focus on ways to collaborate. These collaborations are vital for OLO and from year to year we can see the direct results of these relationships impacting our business.

As a self made brand, The Southern C also is the perfect destination for continued learning for any small business or entrepreneur. The sessions are so poignant and the tips from real life success stories are invaluable. And we love the feeling of open door policy where conversations can grow beyond the session.”


Melissa Ippenson, One Love Organics, Sales and Marketing Director

“As a 100 year old jewelry store, in a historic city,  we have made it a priority to try and relate to our fourth generation of customers in a  new and relevant way.  The Southern C Summit has given us the tools and networking abilities to do just that!  The speakers are experts in the fields of social media, public relations, publishing, cutting edge design and just plain fun!  Upon leaving this conference, we felt we had a huge circle of support moving our business forward.  We will not miss a single one!”

Rhett Ramsay Outten, Croghan's Jewel Box, owner

“The energy! The enthusiasm! The collaborative spirit! It was all about making new friends and learning from their experiences.”

Eddie Ross, Better Homes & Gardens, print & digital editor

“What a great event. Such a sophisticated tastemaker environment for both bloggers and retailers. Very inspirational and motivating. Great people, and networking. We established multiple opportunities and relationships which we are now engaging with. We plan to attend again in 2017.”

Kendra Reichena, Coolibar, CEO

“I’m actually a huge admirer of The Southern C itself!  I think Whitney and Cheri are total powerhouses and I am totally blown away by their enthusiasm, moxie, and energy.  I very much admire them and this beautiful thing they’ve built!  After I experienced The Southern C Summit, I was even more honored to have been invited as a panelist and guest.  I’m already figuring out how I can get down there next year!”

Tori Mellot, Traditional Home, senior design & market editor

“Such an inspiring few days! So many creative and talented people gathered in one place. I was thrilled to be a part of the Southern C Summit. The lectures, delicious food and cocktails, social gatherings – there’s no other conference like it.”

Maggie Kennedy, Garden & Gun Magazine, photography director

“I’m not sure I know of another conference like The Southern C Summit.  I don’t know of any event that offers greater value to its participants, or where participants have more fun!”

Robert Leleux, Domino magazine, Editor-in-Chief

“TSC Summit is truly about collaborating and creating.  It’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet women who are supportive of each other in creating a business or life that is in harmony with who they truly are.”

Catherine Schenquerman, Marketing Director, JetBlue

“Being a sponsor at the TSC Summit was a great experience for our company!  We had the opportunity to meet other vendors and have had bloggers promote our product.  The Summit was such a fun and learning experience as well.  We would love to have the opportunity to participate again!”

Kim Gordon, Lifeguard Press + ban.do featuring Kate Spade New York and Lilly Pulitzer, National Sales Manager

“Thank you so much for including me in the Summit. It was such an inspiring three days. After hearing everyone speak about how Southerners build relationships, it really makes me think that Nod is a Southern company at heart! I felt I was surrounded by so many like-minded, creative individuals, and am energized to continue our work here in building a strong community.”

Danielle Kurtz, The Land of Nod, Creative Director

“The Southern C 2015 grew by leaps and bounds for incredible content and events. Both tracks of speakers were the best and the brightest entrepreneurs sharing the secrets openly to their successes.  Mandy Rye, of Waiting on Martha, was particularly inspiring. Her marketing background clearly drove her business clarity in devising precise planning in her social media strategies and collaborative efforts. I have followed the very exact advice offered by Mandy to land a very coveted future collaboration for The English Room. I am treating my participation on the C-Team with the Southern C blog as a valuable tool in my business strategy as well.”

Holly Phillips, The English Room, Founder

“What a conference! No other conference will ever be the same. I highly suggest you sign up early for the next one – it’s just super inspiring, majorly delicious, full of talented folks and more fun than I need to be having.”

Jamie Meares, Furbish Studio & i suwanee

“It goes without saying that there were lots of great, eye opening moments.  A Top 10 Moment that really stands out for me was when Christine Osborne said, ‘Quit working IN your business and start working ON your business.’ With the day-to-day demands of doing work we are passionate about, it’s easy to forget that your business needs as much attention as your clients do, maybe even more!”

Haile McCollum, Fontaine Maury, Founder

“As the Founder and Creative Director of Lavin Label, I know all too well how powerful networking can be, especially when you are just starting out. The Southern C Summit unlocked a world of talented and skilled entrepreneurs with similar interests that I am happy to say have now become collaborators on some up and coming projects.  I also enjoyed the intimate setting of the conference where interacting with the speakers was possible at the many well planned social events. I am so thankful I attended and look forward to going next year!”

Monica Lavin, Founder, Lavin Label

“It was such a well organized, festive two days of learning and feasting our brains on inspiring and informative lectures and content covering everything from social media to creating your own space in the world of blogging and design and entrepreneurship.   There was so much to be taken from the speakers and conversations throughout the Summit. I mean the fulfillment of sitting down with women (and a few men) and talking openly about creativity and business and life was beyond – we should all make a point to do it more often!”

Anna Matthews – Adger Interiors

“If you haven’t yet attended, I recommend this event for meeting movers, shakers and makers from the South, for the warm and inviting experience offered by co-founders Cheri Leavy and Whitney Wise Long and for the inspiration and information offered by the many presenters.”

Katherine Sandoz

“On The Southern C Summit, I can’t toot their horn enough.  As an entrepreneur, it was food for my creative soul.   When you surround yourself with like-minded professionals, who are innovators  in their particular field, you can’t  help but be inspired.  Our ( Southerner’s) relational nature invites creative conversations and The Southern Summit has quickly become the venue for those conversations to take place.  Social Media is an important tool that we all have to embrace, but at the end of the day you can’t beat the exchange of good ol’fashion conversation and when you fuel that conversation by highlighting local Chefs and literal tastemakers…Well, that is when magic happens.”

Nan Myers McCollum, Firefly, Nan Myers Events, and Shotgun Supper Club

“The speakers at The Southern C Summit were inspired and brought great content with them. I loved hearing the stories of how Amy Smilovic, founder of Tibi,  and Tara Guérard started their businesses. It’s exciting to see how these fabulous women with southern roots have influence that transcends geography. Plus, they were joined by other presenters with offices in New York, which for Southern expats, like me, is a welcome development.”

Mary Dell Harrington, Grown & Flown co-founder

“We were thrilled to be a part of the first year of the Southern C Summit series, where we were able to collaborate with the founders to create unique experiences that truly showcased our brand. We loved seeing and hearing, both in person and via social media, the attendees’ reactions to all of the delicious Goo Goo inspired treats -from pie in Jekyll Island, to empanadas in Athens, to sliders in our hometown of Nashville. We look forward to being a part of the Southern C events in the future!”

Beth Sachan, Marketing Director Goo Goo Cluster and blogger for Eat.Drink.Smile

“There is no finer assembly of setting, culinary delights, knowledgeable speakers and beautiful women than the Southern C. I was honored to be included at the latest event in Charleston and certainly enjoyed the company. I would encourage more male participation in the future but I’m a selfish man! Only kidding, there is a lot to be learned and a lot to be enjoyed at the Southern C and I encourage anyone with a fine southern heritage to attend.”

Rusty Heery, President, Heery’s Clothes Closet

“I left with a renewed energy and idea of my “big picture” for developing my blog/photography business. I really liked the intimacy… laid back and full of useful topics and fun presenters! I feel like I’ve got a whole network of people to reach out to for guidance and feedback… cannot WAIT for the others!“

Celia Goetowski

“We catered the very first Southern C event. We knew right away this dedicated southern- centric event headed by Cheri and Whitney was going places! When the opportunity came up for us to be a key sponsor in the inaugural Southern C Summit we jumped at the chance to work with them. The exposure proved invaluable.”

Griffin Bufkin, Co-Owner Southern Soul Barbeque