Membership inspiration from Dominique Paye: #TSCFridayFaves

Aug 23 2019

by Rebecca Gemes

Dominique Paye, Digital Media Director, The Southern C
photo by Olivia Rae James

TSC Membership provides inspiration, education and support 24/7/365, at your fingertips. As part of this, one our of favorite offerings is #TSCFridayFaves series which gives a peek into the creative entrepreneurs that make up our community.

Each Friday, we spotlight a member as a way for other members to get to know one another on a deeper level with powerful insights into their favorite resources that provide inspiration, productivity, progress, and extended learning.

This #TSCFridayFaves just happens to be our former Digital Media Director, Dominique Paye. If you know Dominique, you will love her Friday Faves. If you don’t know Dominique, you most certainly will want to after reading these…



The Book of Joy. This is a conversation about true joy between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, two men who have seen their share of conflict, yet continue to live through joy.
I am really inspired by the stories of others. Some of my favorites:
Personal History by Katherine Graham.
Some of My Lives by Rosamond Bernier.
In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney.
This isn’t really a book, but I love the dinner-conversation-starter, Well Known by Kaitie and Jared Bryant. Five levels of questions— Surface Talk, Sharing Your Own Story, Future Hopes + Fears, Exploring Your Past, and Present Realities pose tough and interesting questions to help you learn about others…but I find they also have me questioning myself. (see
Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. “The customer is the hero” is just one of the bits of genius imparted. This is an amazing guide to simply and effectively telling (and selling) your story to potential customers.


I don’t listen to podcasts! Everyone I know is addicted, but I’m really a visual learner, so I prefer books, films and blogs. A few that have motivated me recently include:
The Checklist Manifesto. Through the fields of medicine, aeronautics and construction, this demonstrates the power of a checklist.
Good to Great. How organizations have made the leap from being good to being the best in their fields.
The Big Leap. This was recommended to me by fellow TSC alum and member Sallie Holder. It took me a while to wrap my head around his idea of “inspired action”, but once I got it, it was life-changing.
Seth Godin’s daily newsletters. I feel like this is a standard on everyone’s list, but there’s a reason! Not many people can write four paragraphs that have me thinking all day.


A-Esque out of Australia. I am obsessed with their bags. Quality construction, interesting silhouettes that are also highly functional (and they pack flat for travel), and great color combinations make for the perfect bags. This may be the only item on my Christmas list. And they are worth being good all year for. 😉
Diptyque. This is a brand who I think is killing it top to bottom. They are so tight with their product line. They don’t produce anything that isn’t aligned with their brand, so each scent is a standout. Their customer experience in-store is also amazing.
The Office of Angela Scott and La Ligne. I have never worn or even seen their items in person, yet I want them all. They are both killing it with their social branding.
The Southern C. Never in my life would I have thought that putting 300 women in a room together for three days would be a good idea. How wrong I was. These events are the highlight of my year, and I am always amazed at the level of genuine support and motivation that occurs from moment one. It is a total bonus that I have developed close friendships with women whom I can both laugh and talk business!


I haven’t been spending a lot of time on social media this summer, so when I am on it I want to take something away from a post.
Tibi’s founder, Amy Smilovic. I learn something in every post, whether it is an outfit combination or something about the design business. In fact, I’ve screenshot every slide in her “Tibi MBA” and “Costing 101” Instagram Story highlights.
The Flair Index. She introduces me to creatives that I’ve usually never heard of. I love going down the rabbit hole on a person’s life and how they came to their profession, so this is the perfect quick-fix for my autobiography obsession over morning coffee.
Elva Fields x The Southern C. Not only do I adore the women behind both of these inspirational brands, but I love how they’ve paired up on a regular quote series that never fails to motivate and inspire me.


“Live and tell your own story instead of wishing for a different book.”

“Well Known” by Katie and Jared Bryant

We’ve gleaned so many resources + tips and learning opportunities from dynamic ladies like Dominique in our Friday Faves series as well as in our discussion groups and webinars.

If you want to learn more and connect with our creative members-only community,  join membership— #thecompanywekeep is pretty fabulous. 


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Becca is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, where she majored in Consumer Journalism with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Personal & Organizational Leadership. Her passion lies in connecting with others to help them fulfill their greatest potential. At UGA, she spent her time investing in Cru, an on-campus ministry, and her sorority, Chi Omega, and worked on different areas of campus throughout her time. Now she works full-time for The Southern C, meeting and assisting all of the amazing creatives of the entrepreneurial south. Ways Becca finds joy? People, power walks, calling old friends for a catch-up, sand between her toes, and ideas— no matter how scary they may be. Calling Columbus, GA home but born and raised in South Mississippi, Becca love places and people that feel like home and believe there’s nothing sweeter than making other people feel the same way.

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