Fatherly Advice from TSC Dads

Jun 14 2024

by Whitney Long

Some fatherly advice and words of wisdom just in time for Father’s Day! Whether from Dad, PawPaw, Grandpa or another father figure, we love what these TSC members and alums had to share…

Charissa Owens 

My dad, Cliff, told me to always shoot for the stars and always value my worth! 

Michelle Edwards

On the day I graduated from Ole Miss my dad, Martin, told me “It’s obvious you like nice things. Get a good job, work hard, buy your own nice things and never have to rely on a man or anyone else to buy them for you.”

Tiara Letrice

My Grandpa Eddie said to always ask yourself if you’re a part of the solution, or a part of the problem. If you don’t have an answer, it means you don’t like the answer and you need to ask yourself why. This piece of advice is why I have great conflict resolution skills! 

Jarrett Kemp

The best advice that my dad, Brian, and grandfather Bob, have given me is to do the right thing even when no one is watching, hard work always pays off, and to praise Him when you’re on the mountain top and lean on Him in the valleys!

Lee Bogle

One thing my dad, George, would always say to be when I would get worked up ~ he would always put his hands on my shoulders to calm me and say, “Sweetheart, you are going to be just fine. You may miss this train but another one is coming down the tracks. Do your best and know I love you.” 

Gretchen Pettis

My PawPaw (aka Jim) taught me the power of words long before phone text, emails, zoom. I received 100’s of letters in his beautiful cursive- his devotional thoughts, bits of wisdom, his daily activities, who he had seen recently, snippets of his personality written in conversational form. I treasure his letters and I especially treasure the love of words that he instilled in me. Some things transcend the years and I still remind myself that as I love to send and receive handwritten notes!

Christa Peyton

My dad, Frank, who told me that nothing good happens after midnight. 

Whitney Wise Long

Though my daddy, Jimmy, passed away when I was a teenager, a few things come to mind that he told my brothers and it’s great words of wisdom that I have passed on to my children – be a leader not a follower, a good attitude makes for a good day, and be grateful!

Jessica Hughes

My PawPaw Troy never went anywhere he didn’t take a picture. He taught me the treasure of memories captured. I sometimes giggle to myself he would’ve been an original “influencer in the wild.” 


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