Dress To Impress

Oct 9 2020

by Katelyn Whelan

Local designer and businesswoman Valarie Britz shares her tips for dressing strategically in the age of Zoom meetings

Valarie has been a fashion-loving interior designer for over twenty years. She made the leap into the retail world in 2015 and opened Cloth + Label – a store on St. Simons Island that sells designer apparel alongside fashionable home décor.

Cloth + Label is known for its globally applauded brands such as Ulla Johnson, Rachel Comey, and Dodo Bar Or. Valarie hand-picks a fresh collection of pieces each season that best fits her customer-base. Here are some of her tips for how to dress with style and confidence in 2020.

Tip 1 

Strike a balance between comfortable and elegant. It’s tempting to dress a little TOO cozy if you know you won’t be leaving the house. After all, “they won’t see my whole outfit on my zoom call, so why try?”  Brands like Xirena, Nili lotan, and C.T. Plage are excellent choices for relaxed yet sophisticated apparel. Try a flowy midi dress, or layer your favorite top with a lovely cardigan.  With fall upon us, cashmere sweats are a go-to as well. Never let your limitations limit your creativity!

Tip 2

Take every opportunity to accessorize. If your coworkers are only going to be seeing you from the neck up, maybe now is the time to pull out those earrings you bought 4 months ago! Styling yourself can help you feel more confident and “put together.” Additionally, styling yourself can help you mentally transition into a professional headspace, and help you forget that you’re working from your living room sofa.


Have fun! Don’t stop dressing up just because you might not have as many in-person occasions to attend. Take every opportunity to look and feel your best. 


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