5 Tips for Using Pinterest Effectively: Lydia Menzies, Lydia Menzies Celebrates

Jul 8 2021

by Lydia Menzies

Photo via Lydia Menzies Celebrates

There are so many ways to use Pinterest to enhance your business, but here are a few to get you started.

TIP #1:

Think of Pinterest as a search engine first and as a social media tool, second. The dual usage is what can really give your business an edge. It’s a 2-for-1!

TIP #2:

Pin images from your site or shop – even if you are just learning strategies for success. It doesn’t hurt and it may even help. You can improve as you learn- but just start.

photo via Lydia Menzie’s Pinterest

TIP #3:

After you get your feet wet, learn how easy it is to make your pins more appealing and successful.

TIP #4:

Small tweaks to your pinning method can make a big impact on the reach of your pins.

TIP #5:

Realize what a powerful tool Pinterest is for businesses and blogs and utilize it. There is so much potential in Pinterest that is often overlooked! Those who use Pinterest typically have an edge.

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