5 Tips for Capturing Beautiful Brand Photos: Caroline Bramlett of LCB Style + Photography

Jul 30 2021

by Katelyn Whelan

photo by Caroline Bramlett for Neely and Chloe x Julia Berolzheimer

Whether your business is product-based or service-based, creating beautiful brand imagery is something that can elevate your brand instantly and take your business to new levels. Our world is so visually driven with a growing emphasis on the digital world. Images published on websites and social media can have a major impact on your brand! Here are 5 tips for creating beautiful brand images that will elevate your brand.

1. Create a mood board 

The first step to setting up a beautiful shoot is getting inspired and finding images that reflect the mood, feeling, colors, and/or location you want to capture. I personally love Adobe Illustrator and the Over App for creating mood boards. Images can be sourced from Pinterest, Instagram, Magazines, Websites, or anywhere else you find yourself visually inspired. The mood board should align with your overall brand vision + mission. It is always important that each shoot + image reflects who you are as a brand and is consistent over time.

mood board by Caroline Bramlett

2. Stick to a color palette

After creating a mood board, you may start to see a theme with colors from image to image. I like to narrow down the focal colors to 2-3 to keep images consistent and similar enough that clients + viewers can see a theme throughout the final images as well.

3. Find locations

The location of the shoot greatly impacts the background and mood of the images. You definitely don’t have to look too far or too fancy for great locations. I have set up many shoots in my apartment using fabric and products to compose pretty images. I also love looking for public parks or gardens to create beautiful images.

4. Layer product with Props

Look in your closet or around your home for unique objects that align with your product, mood board and colors. Sometimes it is fun to pretend you are shopping your own home or closet for these items. For example, vases, woven baskets, and coffee table books are a few of my favorites. I also love finding old fabric remnants to layer as pretty backdrops.

5. Capture a variety of perspectives. 

While capturing photos, be sure to take a variety of landscape, portrait, far away, and close-up shots. When it comes to using brand photos for various purposes- website landing page, blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, etc., you will likely need different perspectives to use for each platform.


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Katelyn is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a dual degree in Marketing & Visual Communication Design. Settling in her hometown of Savannah, GA, she has spent the past 5 years building a career working with female owned small businesses. From events to retail, she has learned the art of translating ideas into action. Specializing in digital marketing, she seeks to bring the passion of her clients to life through the power of social media & e-commerce. She is the digital arm of a design firm founded with her two sisters, The Whelan Girls.

When she is not working, you can find her at the beach. She loves spending time with her family and can whip up a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies.

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