5 MISTAKES TO AVOID FOR THE PERFECT HEADSHOT: Sirena White-Singleton, Aneris Photography

May 20 2021

by Cheri Leavy

Photo by Kate Thornton at 2020 TSC Summit

You have your look, you have chosen your photographer, and you have booked your photo session. Now what? Well here are some mistakes to avoid prior to getting your headshots and during your headshot session.                   

#1: Not coming prepared

You have to put in the work for a successful product. This includes having your outfit ready, your hair and makeup done, and arriving on time. Otherwise, you may feel rushed or flustered, and you will likely be unhappy with your headshots.

#2: Not looking like yourself

A headshot is supposed to reflect who you are, so do not try to be someone that you are not. For example, wearing an outfit, shoes, or makeup that you wouldn’t normally wear might make you feel uncomfortable, which will show through the photos.  Disclaimer, if you are a woman, like myself, who doesn’t normally wear makeup, please note that makeup for the camera is a little bit heavier than what you would apply on an everyday basis.                

#3: Fake smiles

A fake smile can give off an impression of ingenuity and lack of personality. Not sure how to get that perfect, real smile for the camera? Try bringing a friend with you to the session, or playing music that helps you feel more relaxed and comfortable.       

#4: “Statement” clothing

Headshots are about you, not your clothing. Now is not the time for a fashion show, so save your statement pieces for a different time!

#5: Choosing the wrong setting

Make sure the location of your headshot fits with the image you are trying to create. For example, an indoor headshot makes more sense for a corporate look than an outdoor headshot. 


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