3 Tips to Master Short Form Video for Your Business

Apr 24 2021

by Julianne Taylor

Remember the good old days when you could post a photo on Instagram and you’d get loads of comments and likes? Yep– a distant memory for me, too! As people consume content faster and faster, even static images fall short in grabbing people’s attention. And grabbing your audience’s attention is really what posting content is all about. The goal is to get more eyes on your content that can turn into potential customers.

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the web, make purchases, and research products and services, brands need to create content that is easily digestible on mobile formats. AND– not only easily digestible, but also attention grabbing. Here’s where short form video (1min or less) comes into play.

Using video content to show the face and story behind your brand can really boost connection and engagement with your community in a way that is much more challenging to do with static images. TikTok and Reels are great platforms to embrace as you have the potential for your very first piece of content to go viral. If you are using social media to promote your business, why would you not want to try content that has the potential to go viral from the very first video?? 

There’s so much to cover about short form video, and I’ve pulled together three tips to get your started in the right direction. 


Sometimes we are so focused on creating the content that we don’t spend enough time planning for the content. I keep my notes app open all day and drop content ideas in there to save. I also plan certain times during the week when I film my videos all together and drip them out during the week. I even change outfits if necessary. 

But what do I talk about? I gotchu. Below are some ideas to get you started depending on the type of business that you have. 

Product Sellers:
• Behind the Scenes – manufacturing process, packing orders, photo shoots
• Tutorials on how to apply products – apparel looks styled 5 diff. ways, beauty product launches, etc.
• #sosatisfying videos of making product, cutting materials, etc.

Business Coaches:
• Knowledge Nuggets
• How Tos and tips on area of expertise

Service Businesses:
• Behind the Scenes, day in the life
• Knowledge Nuggets & How Tos


Having a “hook” for each video is super important as you only have 1-2 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Remember that short form video is different from those longer IGTV and YouTube videos. There’s no time for “Good Morning”, or “Happy Friday”. You need to get right to the point or your audience may scroll on by. Below are some great hooks to use for your videos:

How to Bake the Perfect Biscuit
5 Mistakes You’re Making as a Small Business Owner 
3 Best Home Staging Tips
Why Your Instagram Account Isn’t Growing

photo by @kelliboydphotography


One of the biggest mistakes my clients make is not thinking through what to do with all of those eyeballs if your content goes viral. You want to think through where you route people when they land on your page. AND– I’m not just talking about the traditional link to a Shopify page to sell a product. I’m talking about free downloadables, e-books, group coaching, and so much more that you can offer in exchange for someone’s email address. 

What might this look like? If you’re a photographer, you could create a free pre-set or “5 tips to shoot amazing photography with your Iphone” to get potential customers into your sales funnel. By collecting those email addresses you can upsell those customers down the road to buy additional products and services from you just by collecting that initial email with a free download. From my perspective that’s really how you make your social media content come full circle to drive additional business for you. 

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need to be flexible and cast a wide net for streams of revenue. I always encourage my clients to think bigger with regards to social media. It’s not just about posting and hoping you gain more followers. It’s about strategically creating content to turn those viewers into customers in ways that you may not have thought of before. AND– embracing short form video may be just the thing your business needs to reach those new customers. 

Want to get started on TikTok? Head over to my link in bio on Instagram and you can download a free template on how to set up your profile page on TikTok. You see what I just did there??

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