December Member Monday Recap!

Jan 23 2024

by Ellie Watkins

Meet Avery Schroeder & Neal Irby of Ten Atelier

Avery Schroeder and Neal Irby are the creative partners behind 10 Atelier, a bespoke Marketing, Consulting and PR. Born out of a passion for storytelling and connecting interesting people together, their mission is to bring a curated experience-driven approach to each of their partnerships across art, lifestyle and décor brands. Wordsmiths, storytellers, collaborators, entertainers, lovers of art and history, Avery and Neal are disciples of details and continue to channel their creativity as their business grows.

Avery serves as Founder and Creative Director of 10 Atelier. Avery brings a unique creative lens and eleven years of experience working across architecture, design and art industries in New York, the UK and Atlanta. In addition to working with a wonderful New York-based PR agency for 4.5 years, Avery has experience working at luxury shelter magazines, the New York City ballet in the special events department and has executed projects for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Morgan Library and Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property in the UK.

Neal serves as Vice President of 10 Atelier. She loves to entertain and her soon-to-be husband describes her entertaining style as a unique marriage between Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar and a Lela Rose al fresco party in Wyoming. As Vice President of 10 Atelier, Neal provides each client a nuanced approach to creative thinking and a rolodex of wonderful relationships across design, art and lifestyle sectors.

Why did you join TSC Membership?

We have long respected TSC and the community of passionate, entrepreneurial women it has celebrated. What Whitney and Cheri have built is an inspiration. We’ve just launched 10 Atelier in the 4th quarter of 2023, but have individually and as business partners, followed along as admirers since pre-Covid. We are most excited to stretch our TSC muscles at the upcoming summit in Sea Island and have loved getting to connect with Atlanta-based members since we’ve joined.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

Le Fanion, West Village, NYC

Le Weekend, Birmingham, AL

Hu Harrington, Atlanta, GA

By George, Charleston, SC

Féte, Atlanta, GA

Odd McLean, Atlanta, GA

Sculpthouse, Atlanta, GA

W. Port, Atlanta, GA

Maison Venu, NYC

Laura Deems, Birmingham, AL

Pollen Flowers, Atlanta, GA

Augusta Cole, NYC

Kit Kemp, NYC/London, UK

Dante, NYC

KR Steakbar, Atlanta, GA

Le Bon Nosh, Atlanta, GA

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

Our inspiration does not come from one source but is constantly influenced by our surroundings. We are always seeking out the next new exhibition, gallery show, new restaurant, cook book, tabletop shop, and great read. We’re consummate dinner party hosts, guests, cocktail enthusiasts and believe life is worth living surrounded by dear and interesting people. These things and individuals never cease to surprise us in exponential inspiration and creativity. Likewise, we aspire to challenge and inspire each other as we sit across, talk to and pester one another all and every day.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

“It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.” – Andy Beskin

“Intentionality and being genuine gets you so much farther in every relationship rather than posing as something you’re not.” – Charles Schroeder

“The path less traveled has more flowers that grow on it.” – 10 Atelier (Influenced by Vincent van Gogh)

Meet Katie Monsen of Magnolia Mercantile

Hi, my name is Katie Monsen owner and artist behind Magnolia Mercantile a custom hat company and boutique in Houston Texas. Inspired by my time in Wyoming and my love for all things vintage, Magnolia Mercantile began as a dream in my tiny Wyoming apartment. There, I began creating customizing hats for myself and my friends. This past time between friends has now blossomed into a full time operation creating hats that are as beautiful and unique as the people who wear them. To help create beautiful custom hats, I source vintage pieces such as scarves and pins from across Texas. These pieces add a touch of old to your something new.

Why did you join TSC Membership?

I wanted to join to be able to meet other female founders and learn more about this beautiful community.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

During my time traveling across Texas for different markets, I have been able to build an amazing community of women-owned small businesses including @magnoliapaperieco @theblackout_co @frauleinboots @tylerdarling @modernmusebylizzie and @theplantproject_. These women have helped me build and grow more than I could ever image and I am thankful for each one.

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

I get really inspired by nature and being outside. I started Magnolia Mercantile during my gap year after attending Ole Miss. I recharge my creative battery by going on long hikes as well as camping across Texas with my dog Beaux.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

Be kind and genuine above all else, at the end of the day that’s what people will remember.

Meet Audrey Adele Marquez of Audrey Adele

My name is Audrey Adele Márquez, and I’m a Fashion Designer and Consultant based in Covington, Louisiana (just outside of NOLA). After growing up in the Midwest and beginning my fashion career in NYC, my now husband and I relocated to the South for a slower, more peaceful pace of life. As a consultant, I work with start-up and emerging womenswear brands to achieve successful launches and sustainable growth through strategic initiatives within the design, development, and production of their collections. The South has a flourishing, creative fashion scene, and I love to support the brands that are a part of it! I’ve also recently launched an eponymous label, Audrey Adele, of bridal and occasionwear pieces with Anthropologie. The collection is inspired by my own archive of vintage embroideries I’ve sourced over the years, reinterpreted in modern silhouettes.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

I joined TSC to connect with and be inspired by like-minded female entrepreneurs. I believe that when businesses collaborate with and support one another, everyone benefits! I’ve connected with many founders and entrepreneurs through the amazing membership directory and have found the educational resources shared in conversation and on weekly membership calls to be invaluable.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

I’m partial to a few clients of mine that I would love to highlight here! All purpose-driven women’s apparel and lifestyle brands with incredible products and stories – Mirth (@shopmirth), Lekha (@shoplekha), and Short Girl Jean (@shortgirljean).

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

The first source of inspiration that comes to mind is my vintage collection. I’m an avid collector and I love the stories, history, and beauty that can be found in vintage clothing. My love for vintage influences a lot of my modern designs in big and small ways. Secondly, I am endlessly inspired by the natural world. I spend as much time as possible outdoors, whether at home or while traveling, in awe of the creations of Mother Nature. Thirdly, I’m incredibly inspired by the women around me living authentic, creative lives… women creating businesses, works of art, communities, families, etc. And I love that TSC connects me with so many of these creative women I admire!

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

“Jump and the net will appear”. As a business owner, I’ve come to learn that growth doesn’t happen without a little risk. I’ve learned to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and not to let fear or discomfort stop me from moving forward. I do my best to reframe risk as opportunity. Often the things we’re scared of or intimidated by are actually our greatest opportunities for growth and abundance. In fact, this reminds me of another great proverb that applies to life/business… “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear”.


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