TSC Member Monday: August 2023

Sep 18 2023

by Ellie Watkins

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Mary smith

Meet Michelle Carvalho of All in the detail

I am the designer and founder of All In The Detail. All In The Detail is a women’s fashion and accessories brand that provides romantic timeless looks, effortless feminine silhouettes, dreamy color tones, and luxurious like quality plus comfort. We create slow fashion classic pieces that are handmade by a team of artisans worldwide. Their work is featured on our pieces from embroidery, hand block print, quilting and more. We focus on sustainability throughout our collections from the fabric choices all the way to our packaging.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

I love everything TSC is about. It is made up of so many supportive and wonderful people. I am grateful and so excited to be a part of such an amazing community. I also really appreciate all the resources that is provided to you, the weekly meetings and of course The Southern C Summit!

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

Barlow and Browning, Swells, Neely and Chloe, Nacre Circle are just a few of my favorite small businesses that I love to support.

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

Honestly, it can be anything. I can be walking on the street and see two flowers together and I stop to take a picture. But our pieces are inspired from my Portuguese heritage and travels to Portugal. Our colors and prints are actually Portuguese words. I am inspired by romantic timeless looks, effortless feminine silhouettes, dreamy color tones, but most importantly when designing our pieces I am truly inspired by the everyday woman. I like to make sure our pieces are truly comfortable, that you can move with ease and our pieces can truly adapt to what your life stage is but continue to grow with you in your closet so it can truly be classic and timeless pieces. And yes, I love including pockets to our dresses as much as possible.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

Advice I would offer for someone is never stop believing in yourself. Keep going even when it gets tough. There will be a lot of emotional roller coasters and even a lot of blood sweat and tears but it just makes you stronger, but trust the process. Stay true to who you are and focus on the love and passion that motivated you to start from the beginning. And most importantly don’t forget to have fun and laugh throughout the journey and make it memorable.


Meet Tarah Boyleston of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Hi, I’m Tarah Boyleston – Marketing Director at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit residing in Mount Pleasant, SC with my husband, 7-month old daughter, and beagle.

Why did you join TSC Membership?

I have loved The Southern C community since I started my career here in Charleston. I remember going to one of their very first Summits and feeling so energized by the powerful, confident, and helpful women in the room (not to mention the style inspiration… I mean, wow!). I joined The Southern C to continue to build my network of strong and supportive talents.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

I love shopping Charleston brands and lately have been on a Daysie Simple Syrup kick in my morning coffee… with a Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, of course!

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

OUTSIDE. Sometimes screen time just can’t cut it. A day outside gets me reenergized and ready to create. For more immediate inspiration, I keep a folder on my Mac where I save emails, photos, notes, etc. that provide inspiration for developing the Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit brand.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

Say “no” more. The sooner you stop being a yes-man, the smarter you’ll start working.

so beck

Meet Jillian Sobeck Whalen of Sobeck Studios

Hi! I’m Jillian Sobeck Whalen –Owner/Principal of Sobeck Studio. SS is a marketing firm focused on fractional CMO services, marketing agency services, and curated events on the East Coast. Sobeck Studio supports clients in construction and real estate who want to implement strong content marketing strategies that’ll lead to meaningful results and reach their top-line business objectives. We specialize in social media management, public relations, advertising and copywriting, and there is nothing better than the satisfaction of helping a client succeed.

More personally: I was born and raised in Greenville, SC, went to boarding school in Chattanooga, TN, and went to Clemson University, but now live in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC with my husband Pat and son, Rory. Hard to believe it, but I’ve been in the DC region for 10 years now. Some of my happiest pastimes include playing tennis, entertaining and cooking, early morning and sunset walks with my little family, skiing (love Deer Valley!), or traveling to the beach in my two happy places, Martha’s Vineyard and Charleston. If I could live my life like every day was a Nancy Meyers movie, I’d be a happy lady!




Why did you join TSC Membership?

I joined TSC because I want to learn as much as I possibly can from other inspiring women and business owners. I also wanted to be in a creative space where I could goal-set and brainstorm based off TSC conversations. I decided to attend the Summit in 2023 and I instantly felt surrounded by like-minded women who are all chasing after a dream, and I felt I “had met my kind of people.” After leaving the conference with many business cards, new contacts, and TONS of ideas (I think I took 25 pages of notes during the sessions), I decided to then become a member to join the weekly calls and to continue my education as a business owner looking to grow.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

In Greenville, I adore Pink Bee (owned by another TSC member who I met at the Summit) and Monkees of the West End. Outside of Greenville, I love Dondolo based out of Dallas for dresses that make me feel my best and for adorable smocked outfits for my son. I love Mignonne Gavigan for my “power earrings” as I call them — aka: whenever I have a new business kickoff call or big pitch, I always wear her earrings as they make me super confident and like I can do anything. I also met Wells of Swells at The Southern C Summit and have been wearing the scarf I got at the Sip and Shop 24/7. I can’t wait to get another one soon!

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

I find the most inspiration for my business and personal life by being outside — at a park, near the ocean or in the mountains. I live right next to a beautiful park and find the best business ideas come to me on my daily walks. No matter the season, I try to get outside daily for a walk, and I crave it now because it provides so much clarity for me on the daily.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

I’ve had a few mentors, but my greatest mentor is my dad, who recently sold his 40+ old construction business. When I started my business, he told me you can choose to sink or you can swim, and that if you have the mindset to swim, you’ll always be successful. I also read Lydia Fenet’s first book a few years ago right when I started my new business two weeks before the Pandemic shutdown the world and she said “Network or Die” in her book and I took that advice to heart. I set up as many Zoom meetings as I could, did virtual happy hours, joined Podcasts, and I decided I would network and well, maybe not die, but I would sure as heck would as hard as possible to ensure my business took off during the beginning of the Pandemic — even if that meant I couldn’t network in-person.


Meet Carrie Pittman Hill Of Carrie Pittman Hill Art & Canvas!

After nearly 15 years in the tourism and hospitality industry, Jackson, Mississippi-based Mary Straton Smith turned her passion for empowering the female workforce into her position as director of The Source by BankPlus, a free networking organization for professional women. When she’s not planning and executing events, blogging, or podcasting for The Source, you can find her watching true crime documentaries and Law & Order reruns or with her husband and two young daughters.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

I absolutely love the weekly Member Calls. I never leave without a takeaway, and it’s great to continue the education and connection from the Summit long after we leave Sea Island!

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

My friend and TSC Alum Lindsey Bell’s The Dinner Darling is a must-have for a busy mom. She sends weekly recipes straight to my inbox so I always have an answer for, “what’s for dinner?”!

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

Don’t laugh… TikTok! There are so many interesting ideas, beautiful spaces, and talented creators that I never close the app without learning something new or inspiration to create!

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

Number One: There’s no such thing as “work-life balance,” so focus instead on “work-life energy.” Don’t stress about having to take a personal call at work or a work call at home sometimes. Try instead to spend the majority of your work energy at work and your life energy at home. Give yourself grace it will even out in the long run.

Number Two: If you struggle with imposter syndrome, remind yourself you didn’t trick your boss into hiring you. He or she is probably pretty smart, and they wouldn’t have you in the position if they didn’t think you’d be the best person for the job!


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