Press Success! Now What? 

May 28 2019

by Carolyn Sutton

It takes time and perseverance to secure impactful media coverage. So when your brand lands fabulous publicity, it’s time to maximize the coverage to get the most out of the feature. Here are some tips to amplify your media coverage and continue to drive the hype. 

Thank You! 

First things first, connect with all the people that made this magic happen. Write a personalized, handwritten thank you note to your editor or media contact so you can graciously thank them for their effort towards the piece. Likely this will go a long way and remind them what a joy you are to work with for future stories and opportunities! 

Be On the Lookout

You or your PR partner should be the first person to see your media coverage. You want to review, celebrate and share the exciting news and not have someone do it on your behalf. Know the date or time the feature will hit and be prepared to be the first to have it in hand or watch the segment.  

Announce the News

Be prepared to share the PR coverage through all the channels you have available and promptly announce the news. The more clients or fans who learn about your recent feature, the more excitement, leads and sales it will drive. A few tips: 

Update Your Retail and Partners and Clients

This media coverage verifies your business and brand. It leads to client inquiries, converts leads into sales and continues to position you as a leader. Your retail partners want to know what you are doing as a powerful business and how you are the expert in your space. So share the good news with your partners! 

These are just a few tips for maximizing your media coverage and continuing the exciting stamp of approval momentum! 

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Carolyn Sutton | Omaha, NE | began her PR career right out of the gate with a coveted internship in Dallas, which started her 16 year passion for public relations. In 2009, Carolyn experienced the joy of motherhood, which motivated her to start her own Public Relations firm, Carolyn Sutton PR, from years of lifestyle consumer PR experience.

Carolyn Sutton PR put clients in the spotlight by launching brands, driving publicity and media coverage, creating collaborations and creating influencer partnerships. The Carolyn Sutton PR team work with brands and clients they are passionate about and believe in their mission. The team is media and influencer obsessed and are constantly combing magazines, online media and Instagram for the latest and the greatest. Carolyn Sutton PR truly believes in one-on-one time with the client and absolute efficiency to keep budgets and objectives in check. Being called "the little engine that could" and "a PR miracle" keep Carolyn ticking and focused to drive the best client service possible.

Whether Carolyn is pounding the pavement in NYC at media tours, driving to Des Moines for Meredith meetings, launching a toy company in NYC with a "Playdate in the City", orchestrating a gala for non-profit organizations or simply tackling a stack of magazines searching for opportunities and new editors, Carolyn never tires from the PR world. And, her three darling kiddos and hunky husband keep her busy, too.

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