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Apr 17 2019

by Paige Minear

image by Kate Thorton Photography

I can recall the first time I ate a Callie’s biscuit. It was April 2015 at the end of the first Summit I ever attended and I had just loaded up all the items I had used to style the luncheon along with my luggage. I needed a little something to nibble on before getting on the road and one of the attendees, also packing their car, handed me a single biscuit with blackberry jam. It was so incredibly delicious and I immediately decided one day I needed to perfect my ability to make biscuits for my family. I am not the greatest cook and definitely not one that has mastered baking but I knew I needed to be able to master biscuit making as a southern woman and filed it away under “things I want to learn to do”.

image by Angie Webb Creative

Fast forward four years and four amazing Summits. This year I had the amazing privilege of hearing Carrie Morey share her story of how Callie’s Biscuits began. My love for the company has only grown in the last four years as I have eaten many of the hot little biscuits since the day I had my first. We are so lucky to have a location in Atlanta and I do not head to the city without making a stop to grab one for myself and more for our family. I loved hearing Carrie share how she grew up with her mother, Callie, making the same biscuits for their family. Hand made biscuit making is an art, and most definitely a southern tradition, and Carrie wanted to keep the tradition alive. When Carrie first began her business in 2005 her goal was to share these made by hand biscuits made by her mother for their family with all. Once again I made a mental note to move my goal of learning to make biscuits a priority, moving it way up my “need to master” list. I also added “hang out with Carrie” to my list as she is not only an amazing business, but also a fabulous mother, and to top it off, just really cool.

image by Angie Webb Creative

A few weeks after the Summit the Callie’s team shared with me that Carrie would begin hosting biscuit making classes in the cities where she had Hot Little Biscuit locations. I think I literally squealed reading the email and could not respond quickly enough. If you have ever tasted one of Callie’s amazing biscuits you would understand my extreme excitement. There is just something special about those buttery, hand made biscuits that make them different from any others you have eaten. We settled on a date and I sharpied it onto my calendar knowing I would be able to cross two things off my bucket list. After attending the biscuit making class a few weeks ago and learning how to make a Callie’s biscuit I now understand what makes her biscuits so special. She is committed to making them the same way her mother always did, by hand, with no machines in small batches keeping them the best they can be. She is specific about the type of flower she uses and shared tips on how to get the most biscuits with the first roll out as they are different than the subsequent batches. I can tell you with dough all over my hands that these biscuits are made completely by hand and it is the most rewarding feeling using your hands to make something so special for your family. I made them, they were amazing, and I felt like a total rock star. I am one hundred percent, an addict.

image by Angie Webb Creative
image by Angie Webb Creative

Callie’s Biscuits is hosting biscuit making classes for all. You can sign up on their website very soon and work on your biscuit making abilities. I loved watching the couple next to me in the class making their batches. The husband had been working to master biscuits for his family for a while on Saturday mornings. He walked away thrilled with his knowledge and all the amazing tips Carrie shared from the type of flour she recommends all the way to how much to touch the dough and how often to roll it out. I am confident he is now able to make the same biscuits we mastered for his girls at home each weekend. It was such a gift to be able to learn from the best, and Carrie is that, the master of hand made biscuits.

image by Angie Webb Creative

If you haven’t eaten a Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit you must make a date to do so. If you don’t have a location near you they can be purchased frozen from a number of retailers to cook at home for your family. If biscuit making is an art you wish to master I highly suggest you sign up for a class with Carrie. You will love it as much as my friends and I did, it was such a fun evening.

image by Angie Webb Creative
Pictured above are Summit alums Mary Huddletson & Jill McKenzie

Oh, and you will get to hang out with the darling Carrie Morey, who I promise you is one of the coolest women I know, and most definitely one of the kindest.


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