April Member Monday 2024!

May 16 2024


Meet Maizie Clarke, Illustrator

Hi! I’m Maizie, I’m an illustrator based out of Louisville, KY. I create illustrations for products and brands. I love creating illustrations that bring your ideas to life, whether it’s for a silk scarf, fabric or packaging. 


Why did you join TSC Membership?

I love the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing that the TSC membership encourages. People are so willing to share ideas, recommend contractors and give advice.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

Oh this is SO hard because there are so many! But I will have to say DUET candles, Jodie and I have been able to collaborate on a recent project and I have fallen in love with her candles.

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

I love the library and old design magazines – I love being able to get off the computer and my phone and explore.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

You can do anything, you just can’t do everything.

Meet Dorothy King of Dot Com Consulting

I am Dorothy King and I founded Dot Com Consulting in 2023. After a few big changes (relocating from New York City to my hometown of Charlotte, NC, welcoming my first child and leaving my role as Director of eCommerce at minnow), last year I took the leap to start my own ecommerce consulting business. 

The first decade of my career was spent working across sales, retail, ecommerce and operations for female-founder led companies. Ultimately, I had a theory that the work I’d been doing in ecommerce could be offered to clients in a flexible, fractional way. Through Dot Com, I provide website strategy, design, and management (primarily in Shopify), along with expertise in performance analytics and in backend operations for retail businesses. My mission is to provide solutions and support to fuel the success of small, creative businesses.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

A few dear friends of mine and some fellow Georgia Bulldogs (Carolyn Bettin of Shuler Studio, Maggie Jones of Tres Belle Fete and Mary Frances Maker) have been members and spoke so highly of the community that I knew it made sense to join once I started my own business. I love being part of something centered on women supporting women.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

So many! Half Past Seven Home, Leif Shop for home and gifts and Shop Buru for myself are some favorites. I’m especially hooked on shopping for my (almost) one year old as there are so many great childrens’ sites – Winnie + Crew, Lewis Home and Oso + Me just to name a few.  

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

I am truly inspired by my clients. Working with founders of creative businesses has been the biggest gift of starting my consulting business. When I can help a business owner solve a problem to better reach their customers or make things run smarter, it fuels my vision for where my own business can go and reminds me why I took this leap. 

Some of my amazing clients include: Courtside Kids, Dear Georgie, Adelaide Art & Fine Papers, Appointments at Five, Piedmont Pennies and more!

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

My dad founded and ran his own company for decades and he gives the best advice. One piece of advice he always says is to “overcome ignorance with knowledge”. This keeps me rooted in approaching all things with curiosity. Any problem can be solved, you might just have to learn something new and be creative to solve it!

Meet Adjani Loaiza of Fancy Society

Hello! My name is Adjani, I am the founder and owner of Fancy Society, an online jewelry and accessories boutique. I recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA, from Jacksonville, FL, due to military orders. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. I have always had an obsession with jewelry. When I was a little girl, I would spend hours playing in my mother’s jewelry box. Sometimes when she was getting ready to go out, she would let me pick out the jewelry for her, this was my favorite and still is one of my favorite memories.

I got my BS in Fashion Merchandising. I was a Buyer for a few small businesses and went on to work for some big companies. In 2019, I decided to start a jewelry brand. Fancy Society is a combination of my handmade pieces and designs, as well as some curated pieces. My handmade jewelry has been used in some cool photoshoots and was sold at The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island.  I also started A Fancy Girls Life, a behind the scenes page, where I share projects, I am working on.  When I am not working on Fancy Society, I am styling photoshoots for other brands. I love being creative, collaborating and networking.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

I joined TSC, after hearing about it multiple times on The Preppy Podcast. Listening to so many incredible women and their stories, inspired me so much! I started doing my research on TSC and was completely blown away and knew I wanted to be part of this group. The best part of being a member is the education! I am learning from some of the very best in the industry! I am looking forward to networking and meeting members. The value of being a member of TSC is unmatched.

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

I LOVE small business, some of them are:

@theluxurypear @thetinytassel @sundaysocialclub @thepinkfiggy @Darlingtonisles @Emeiliascubanmarket

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

I am forever inspired by Florida. The colors, vibe and lifestyle.

Cotton candy skies are my absolute favorite.  I always say, Florida has the most beautiful sky. The fashion in Florida is so fun and happy.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

The best advice I have ever given was to stay authentic! Do not follow trends and remember your why.  The best advice I have received is to know my customers, my numbers and hire people that know more than I do.

Meet Elizabeth Crane Swartz of Elizabeth Crane Swartz Design

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Crane Swartz and I make hand-painted jewelry and design contemporary needlepoint canvases in my studio in Rhode Island. According to my mother, I knew the colors of all the crayons when I was four so it’s no surprise that I’m best known for my experimentation with color and pattern and I love sharing the feeling of joy and energy they bring me.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

The best past of being a member of TSC is the feeling of community, especially working on my own. The wealth of knowledge shared my mentors and fellow members has been invaluable – I’ve found everyone to be so generous with information, advice and cheerleading.


What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

Between the creative community in Rhode Island and the needlepoint community there’s way too many to mention here! I’ve recently enjoyed working with my attorney, Angie Avard Turner, Vaughn of The Red Thread Atelier, Tricia of Island Hopper Trips and Patricia of Piqued PR. I wouldn’t know any of them without The Southern C. 


Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

Inspiration comes from so many places – shelter magazines, museums, fashion and especially the paint chip aisle at the home improvement store. I find the bigger issue to be turning my brain off and falling asleep. 

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

I subscribe to two pieces of advice: “’no’ is both a full sentence and a ‘yes’ if you learn from it” and “there’s room for everyone and you can’t serve everybody.”

Meet Stephanie Chain of Sweet Luncheonette

Hi! My name is Chef Stephanie Chain and I am the owner and cake designer of Sweet Luncheonette in St. Marys GA. I created SL to serve the coastal Georgia area and beyond, with couture, flavor forward wedding and occasion cakes that are as delicous as they are beautiful. For the local community, we host social events monthly with wine, artisan desserts and small bites. SL recently won “Best Dessert” in 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards of the Tribune and Georgian, which is a testament to my dedication to creativity and innovation in the kitchen. When I’m not in kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and husband, drinking great teas and learning to play pickleball.


Why did you join TSC Membership?

The best part about TSC is the wealth of knowledge that is readily available at your fingertips through the TSC app. Between the weekly membership calls and the willingness to help from fellow members, it’s obvious they want you to succeed!

What is a favorite small business you like to shop or support?

My favorite small business(es) to support at the moment are those businesses that remind me to stop and take care of myself. Salon Shia here in St. Marys is a place that I frequent as a business owner who tends to put herself last at times!

Where do you go to get your inspiration now?

A unique trait about what I do lends room for inspiration from so many angles. I get inspo from trying new restaurants or new dishes, museums, music, fashion, and other business owners as well.

What is the best business advice you have ever given or received?

In culinary school, my chef instructor Reyes would often say, “Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides they’re going to have a crummy day.” I take it as we should all take a beat and be a bit more kind to one another. We’re all doing the best we can!


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