Sep 24 2014

by Natasha Murphy


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  1. Anonymous

    Caroline – Love the photos of you and your sweet mother! What a great trip and memory.

    Megan – I actually went to the parade in high school with my aunt, uncle and cousins that live in B’Ham.  Wondering if you may even know them… they are probably close to your age and went to Mountain Brook High…. Collins and James Wise.  It’s such a small world sometimes!

    The parade was so much fun to experience first-hand and I hope to take my family one year!  And I have a somewhat funny memory to share…  We had gotten there quite early in order to stake a good viewing spot.  It snowed lightly during the whole parade and it was pretty brutal being outside for hours – especially for us southerners who are not used to the cold!  My aunt kept saying “My feet are freezing and really  hurting.”  We kept telling her she was fine and that all of our feet were freezing, too.  Nothing was going to mess up our parade experience! 

    After the parade, we headed to Thanksgiving lunch and we all took off our wet shoesto warm our feet. Long story short, when my aunt took hers off, we then realized she had gotten frostbite.  Needless to say, we all  felt horrible!

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