Athens, Georgia

Wednesday, September 29 - Friday, October 1


Mastering Your Mind Games:
From Self to Selling Success

This installment of the TSC Workshop Series is devoted to getting you, the entrepreneur, in the right frame of mind to sell yourself and your brands and services with confidence.  Join The Southern Coterie this Fall for a 2-part workshop online and in Athens, Georgia with the signature TSC #connectcollaboratecreate vibe and the perfect mix of hard work, recess and revelry with the Athen’s creative community.

Workshop Details

Thursday, September 15:


Zoom Session (10:00 am – 11:00 pm): Julie Weldon and Stacey Pierce of A Salty Rim

Investing in the Fundamental Key to Your Success – You!

We’ve never met a business owner who said it was easy. But, what is easy is to let yourself believe everyone else has it together but you. Listening to a speaker, following someone on social media, walking away from a conversation – that small voice in your head far too often whispers that you should be doing more. Unfortunately, the imposter syndrome can be very real. But, here’s the thing… there is never only one definition of true success. In this session, we’ll help you discover what success is for you. Maybe it’s more money, maybe it’s more freedom, maybe it’s more time, or maybe it’s a combination of a number of things. In order to find true success – the kind that will make you come alive – you have to be crystal clear on what success means to you and be willing to clear the path to get there no matter what others are saying and/or doing. You are the key to your true success. Let’s uncover this together.


Wednesday, September 29:

Hable Sister’s Lawn Party
Location: Home of Susan Hable
Join us on the lawn for a happy hour hosted by the dynamic duo of Susan and Katharine Hable.  Enjoy a wine tasting with Kate Arnold Wines and small bites by Athen’s own Chef Peter Dale of Maepole, The National, Seabear Oyster Bar and Condor Chocolates.

Dine Around Athens
Grab a friend new and old and dive into the Athen’s restaurant scene.   

Thursday, September 30:

Condor Chocolates Coffee Chat (9 – 10 am):
TSC Membership Meet-up with Chef Peter Dale for a sneak peek of the new Condor Chocolates bakery opening in downtown.


AM Session (10:30 am – 12:30 pm): Haile Parker McCollum of Fontaine Maury

Your Brand is Not Your Logo
It’s your people, your space, the tools you use, the way you talk, the experience you create, and so much more. Little decisions add up over time. Every picture, every color, every word, every opportunity. It’s hard to know where to start. How do you find the time to dig deep and create a brand that stands out authentically and originally without feeling overwhelmed? Here’s where! Be prepared for an interactive session that helps uncover what to let go of and what to add, when to say yes and when to say no. You will discover how refining your brand makes it all so much easier every single day. Don’t expect to sit around and listen in this session, be ready to take action, get to work and experience clear-headed, rational thinking. The process and outcome will feel a bit magical. You’ll even have some fun along the way!


Lunch & Learn (12:30 – 1:30 pm):
In the spirit of #connectcollaboratecreate, take lunchtime to get to know your fellow attendees and dine on a delicious lunch from Last Resort Grill, a beloved Athens favorite.


PM Session (1:30 – 2:30 pm): Macy McNeely and Kathryn Shubert of GUIDE culture

The Limitless Leader Formula: You are more than an entrepreneur

You may call yourself an entrepreneur or a business owner, but what are you really? And more importantly, who are you meant to be? Who does your team need you to be?

In this session, you will learn the three areas that make you a limitless leader; one that is:

  • the charismatic and effortlessly magnetic leader in your space
  • a productive and profitable reproducible machine
  • leading and growing a self-sustaining and scalable business

In business, you don’t have to be or do all the things, but simply master a few things. You know you want to leave a legacy – there is a way you can LIVE your legacy.

Breakout & Breakdown (2:30-3:30 pm):
Breakdown all that you’ve learned with your breakout group.  With guiding advice from presenters and mentors, you’ll chart a path to use what you learned and keep yourself accountable.



Location: Hawthorne House
Join us at the new design showroom of Hawthorne House and SCOPE Lighting for a cocktail reception hosted by Lisa Ellis Design. Enjoy perusing art by Windy O’ConnorHannah BetzelCourtney Khail and Courtney Salton.

Dine Around Athens
Grab a friend new and old and dive into the Athen’s restaurant scene.  


Friday, October 1


Collaborate Create & Coffee
With collaboration in mind, challenge yourself to make a coffee date with new friends from the Coterie.

TSC Pop-In to Pop-Ups (10-3 pm)
Pop-in to fabulous pop-up shops happening all over the Classic City.  Discover new brands and visit with makers and shop owners before you head out of town (or head into UGA football weekend festivities)





Contact cherileavy@thesouthernc.com if interested in hosting or being a guest for a pop-up in Athens on Friday, October 1 from 10-3 and she will make introductions to matching participants. There will be a promotional map for the day.

Athens has incredible hoteliers conveniently located downtown.
Visit guide2athens for a list.

Here are two (Marriott and Hilton) with special rates for TSC:


SpringHill Suites Athens
Downtown/University Area
for $119 per night (rate available Wednesday, September 29 and Thursday, September 30)
Book your group rate for The Southern C Summit


Hilton Garden Inn Athens Downtown
390 East Washington Street
for $114 per night (rate available Wednesday, September 29 and Thursday, September 30)
Book your group rate for The Southern C

Presenter Bios


Julie “Jules” Weldon

OME Gear + GSD Entrepreneur podcast

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Jules got her love for starting businesses honest, but it took her time to dive into the (often) scary waters of entrepreneurship. After college, she worked in leadership with a non-profit organization for ten years, then travelled for a year doing humanitarian work in eleven developing countries. Upon returning stateside, she became a business consultant, ultimately with PricewaterhouseCoopers, prior to starting a consulting firm, A Salty Rim. Jules co-hosts two podcasts, GSD Entrepreneur and Do It In Nature. The first podcast interviews entrepreneurs about their story and their businesses, and the second is conversations with people who are doing really inspirational things connected to the outdoors. In addition, Weldon has co-authored a children’s book called Rescued By Rico. Jules’ main focus these days is building her innovative outdoor gear company, OME Gear, into a national household brand. Her biggest piece of advice is to be committed every day to building your network because she believes genuine relationships are everything.

Stacey Pierce Headshot

Stacey Pierce

OME Gear + GSD Entrepreneur podcast

Stacey has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, which is evident by the fact that she has been on the ground floor of nine start-ups. When not starting new businesses, she has spent much of her career in the medical field doing occupational therapy and honing her expertise in technology for the aging population. With her experience, she now enjoys helping other business entrepreneurs build strategic plans for growth as the Co-founder of A Salty Rim. Stace is also co-host of GSD Entrepreneur podcast, Co-founder of OME Gear, and Co-Host of Do It In Nature podcast. In addition, Pierce has co-authored a children’s book called Rescued By Rico. Stace’s biggest piece of business advice is that if you want to do something, just do it because she believes that the biggest risks in life are the ones not taken.

Haile McCollum

Haile McCollum

Fontaine Maury

A creative leader for more than 25 years, Haile supercharges teams and brings focus to marketing efforts. She can see patterns and connections and understands how to leverage a sense of place to build beloved, recognizable and valuable brands.

In 2019, Haile and her small but mighty team at Fontaine Maury worked with Explore Georgia to create a strategic, new brand identity for the state of Georgia’s tourism efforts. Fontaine Maury has worked with many iconic southern businesses including Flowers Foods, Blackberry Patch, Sweet Grass Dairy, South Life, Southern Baked Pie, Schermer Pecans and The Vine. Fontaine Maury’s work builds stronger communities, one brand partner at a time.

Haile earned a BS in Human Development from Vanderbilt University and an MFA in Graphic Design from SCAD.

Macy McNeely Headshot

Macy McNeely

GUIDE Culture

Macy, co-founder and co-CEO of GUIDE Culture, has been changing the game of sales since 2016. She grew up in a sales-culture home and has been passionate about every organization in America becoming a sales-culture organization. She believes that life is a series of sales transactions. When sales skills are 2nd nature, you can control conversations, communicate effectively and become an incredible leader. Once her dad, Loy Day, taught her his sales training he created for his staff, everything changed and she knew she had to share the information. From there, GUIDE Culture, a sales and leadership training, was born. As a team, they have been on a mission to make sales cool again. Macy is passionate about helping other people improve their mindset and take control of their life with the skills they teach in GUIDE Culture.

Kathryn Shubert Headshot

Kathryn Shubert

GUIDE Culture

Kathryn, co-CEO of GUIDE Culture, always had the dream of being a fancy corporate person, clicking her heels in a marble lobby every day. After college, she stepped into that role for a short time and quickly realized it was not what she had imagined for herself. The phrase “clocking in” still makes her nauseous. She made the pivot into a side-hustle so she could create her own life, make her own money, and be her own boss. She found herself on a roller coaster of motivation and fulfillment. From there, she decided to invest in herself – that investment was GUIDE Culture. Kathryn was one of the first GUIDE Culture students and since that day, she was a part of every single training offered. She was a student multiple times and slowly started teaching. She made herself invaluable to the GUIDE Culture team and is now on the mission to help people go from salesy to serving and take GUIDE Culture to the masses.