Haile McCollum

Jan 17 2024

by Katelyn Whelan

A creative leader for more than 25 years, Haile McCollum supercharges teams and brings focus to marketing efforts. She can see patterns and connections and understands how to leverage a sense of place to build beloved, recognizable and valuable southern brands.

Haile and her small but mighty team at Fontaine Maury worked with Explore Georgia to create a strategic, new brand identity for the state of Georgia’s tourism efforts. Fontaine Maury has also worked with iconic southern businesses, including Flowers Foods, Blackberry Patch, Condor Chocolates, Sweet Grass Dairy, James Farmer, Southern Baked Pie, and Schermer Pecans. Fontaine Maury’s work builds stronger communities, one brand partner at a time.

Haile earned a BS in Human Development from Vanderbilt University and an MFA in Graphic Design from SCAD.


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Katelyn is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a dual degree in Marketing & Visual Communication Design. Settling in her hometown of Savannah, GA, she has spent the past 5 years building a career working with female owned small businesses. From events to retail, she has learned the art of translating ideas into action. Specializing in digital marketing, she seeks to bring the passion of her clients to life through the power of social media & e-commerce. She is the digital arm of a design firm founded with her two sisters, The Whelan Girls.

When she is not working, you can find her at the beach. She loves spending time with her family and can whip up a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies.

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