Emily Lassiter & Lauren Pearson

Sep 5 2023


Emily Lassiter: Emily Lassiter is a financial advisor at Somerset Advisory, a full service wealth management firm that has offices in Alabama, South Carolina and Virginia. Emily is also the co-owner of The Wealth Edit, an online community designed to help women become good with money. In addition to her financial advising skillset, Emily Lassiter brings to her clients 14 years of experience as an attorney before pivoting at age 43 to help and serve women throughout their financial journeys at Somerset Advisory in Birmingham, Alabama.

Emily unexpectedly lost her husband in an accident in 2014, and, in the aftermath of this tragedy, sought out a support group for widows that she spoke with regularly. Over and over again, these women brought up questions regarding personal finance and wealth. Through this, Emily realized there was an unmet need for women seeking out wealth advisors who understood each woman’s individualized needs and trajectories and, in researching how to fill this void, found Lauren Pearson, her cofounder at The Wealth Edit. Their mutual passions of serving and helping women through their financial journeys pushed Emily to shift careers and for the pair to establish The Wealth Edit in 2020. Emily finds fulfillment in establishing relationships with her clients, learning about their goals and dreams, and empowering them each to craft and implement a plan to achieve their goals.


Lauren Pearson: Lauren is the Founder of Somerset Advisory a boutique wealth management practice serving women and families in the southeast. In addition Lauren founded The Wealth Edit a national platform teaching women and many creatives how to be good with money.  Since graduating from University of Georgia she has built both firms and raised a family. Lauren currently resides on a farm in Virginia with her husband and girls.

Lauren’s specific expertise is in the realm of philanthropic planning and helping women with families with closely held and emerging businesses.



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