Emily Lassiter & Lauren Pearson

Sep 5 2023


Emily Lassiter: I grew up in Montgomery, AL and received my business degree from Auburn University before graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law Magna Cum Laude in 2000.

After graduation, I went into private practice for several years before managing pending litigation for a captive insurance group that insured long-term care facilities.

In 2018 I made the decision to shift my career and become a financial advisor. I lost my husband in 2013 in an accident and learned firsthand the value of having a trusted advisor to help you devise a long-term plan and carry it out. As a result, my practice leans heavily towards planning.

I enjoy getting to know my clients, learning about their goals and dreams. My passion is empowering them to craft and implement a plan to achieve their goals.

When not serving clients, I spend my time parenting my two teenage daughters. We love to travel and explore all that the world has to offer. My goal with my children is the same as it is with my clients: to give them the tools they need to face any situation that life brings and to do so gracefully and integrity.


Lauren Pearson: The most important thing in my life is my family. My husband, Andrew, is a minister, and we have three smart and brave daughters.

If research can be considered a hobby, then that would be my thing. This curiosity, which quite frankly can drive those closest to me crazy, is probably why I am well suited to this profession. To support this passion professionally I have earned the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.

The impact of putting a thoughtful plan in place will last generations, and I understand the depth of this responsibility. What you will see and read from my online footprint is that I principally engage in personal financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and charitable gifting strategies for professionals and families. The key marker of these relationships is trust, transparency, and confidentiality.

This is the work I have been doing for over a decade: designing and crafting hundreds of planning scenarios. It is deeply important that I do great work for the clients whom I serve.

After my family and my faith, this practice is my life work. It is a privilege to lead Somerset Advisory and to serve families across the United States.



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