MK Hennigan

MK’s career has been spent with Waterford Crystal, Macy’s and Berkshire Hathaway in Sales, Marketing and Product Development roles. She has always had a passion for cooking, entertaining and sharing with others her love of Southern-inspired foods. She was gifted the opportunity to pivot from her corporate role to one that spoke to her entrepreneurial spirit.
In the Curious Kitchen began in January 2020 to share with others what she had learned so many years ago.
Some of my earliest memories are of me standing on a chair at the counter of her grandmother’s North Carolina kitchen. Her grandmother didn’t just teach her to cook, she taught MK that cooking is the catalyst to all good things in our homes, gathering, laughing, loving….
Today MK recreates her heirloom recipes and honored ways in her Kentucky kitchen and has found that memories of her grandmother's storied hands and her spoken measurements are the best guide a curious cook could ever ask for.