Erin Phillips

Erin is the CEO and Founder of Pinckney Palm, a Charleston and London based social media agency, and lifestyle blog Attention to Darling Blog. At Pinckney Palm her team helps women business owners strategically manage their social media and online presence. Pinckney Palm strategically manages and advises your social media so that your online presence is growing without you having to stress over things like what to post on Instagram, if you’re even being heard on Facebook, and what the best time of day to post is. Plus, they bring you the latest and greatest social media updates. Spearheaded by Erin, who has run social media for Capital One in Washington DC, and clients like Le Creuset, BMW, Blackberry Farm, Caromont Health and more agency side (plus bringing insights from Europe where she has been based in London), their clients trust they’re with the most nimble and knowledgeable solution. They work with a range of businesses from a wedding photographer to a jewelry designer to an event planner and makers of fantastic dishwear. If you’re a woman-owned business who needs someone to take the stress out of social media and instead replace it with strategy and knowledge, they're your team.

Erin was born and raised in Greenville, SC but after graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Communication Studies and four internships (ranging from non-profit marketing to PR to BMW to an advertising agency) - she moved all over, from Richmond, VA to Washington DC to Charleston and even London where she documents her family's travels and life on her blog, Attention to Darling (@attentiontodarlingblog).