Annette Joseph, Stylist, Author, Founder of La Fortezza Retreats

Elevate Your Brand: Finding Your Voice Through Styling & Photography

Do you know the expert secrets to creating the beautifully layered images that sell a brand’s lifestyle and products simultaneously?  If not, talented super stylist Annette Joseph is primed and ready to lead you step-by-step through the process.  This workshop extends beyond tips and tricks to execution – with 25 minutes of dedicated hands-on time working with five of the attendees’ brands. Annette will be assisted by accomplished photographer Priscilla Boudreau of DeVoss Photography.  Topics include: basic composition, styling for the camera, finding your own look and brand voice, styling tricks of the trade and a hands on work on your brand. Requirements: three/five items from your line and camera/iphone camera.

$195 add-on. You can only book one workshop. 

Natasha Murphy - Built Best

Knowledge is Power: Owning Your Digital Identity

Did you know that understanding SEO, web performance and metrics are one of the most common stressors for solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners? If this sounds like you – you’re in the right place.  Let a friendly expert with dozens of small business success stories empower you to demystify your digital world.  Natasha will lead you through a step-by-step, hands-on assessment of your website – that’s right – your website, not a broad case study.   She’ll provide you with homework 2-weeks prior to the workshop and then on the day of, you’ll make sense of all of your data and understand the driving metrics behind a “great” website.  As a bonus, she’ll provide a zoom office hour a month later to tackle any lingering questions.  Topics include: search engine optimization, web performance, conversion, accessibility, and data privacy.  Requirements: laptop, completed homework.

$195 add-on. You may only book one workshop. 

Maggie Gavigan and Jade Sperling - Mignonne Gavigan

In Good Order: Calendar Control

An organized and well-maintained marketing calendar is essential for running a more efficient business – it’s a sanity saver.  So, why do so many entrepreneurs start strong with planning only to see it fizzle? It’s a practice not just a project. Maggie and Jade will dig into the practice of building and maintaining a marketing calendar that has longevity.  Plan and organize your marketing activities by channel – inclusive of campaigns, promotions, sales, product launches, and holidays, and learn how to pivot when necessary!

$195 add on. You may only book one workshop.