Aug 19 2014

by Kyla Cox

Read Part 1 (Selecting & Ordering) and Part 2 (Presentation of the Cork & Bottle) before proceeding.

From the basics of selecting and ordering wine for a group, to understanding the simple (and sometimes intimidating) ritual of the Sommelier or waiter presenting that wine bottle you’ve so painstakingly ordered, you should now feel extremely confident in your efforts to properly order wine at a business function!

Now, here are some final tips to help you look like a wine star at your next business outing…

General Protocol

During a business lunch, it is acceptable to drink wine if your host offers it to you. Remember though, business lunches are professional; your reputation and professional image are your responsibility. To stay within reasonable limits, I recommend the ‘none or one’ rule for drinking wine at a business lunch.

She who grabs the wine list, gets the check – If you are picking-up the tab, you must make sure that you reach-out for the wine list (this is a well-understood signal to the waiter that you are the person taking the check), and this will avoid the awkward check-grabbing contest at the end of the meal.

If the restaurant has a Sommelier, don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendations. They are there to help and can steer you to some affordable hidden gems that are sure to impress! Simply state “This looks interesting to me. Do you think this is a good idea for the table or would you suggest something else?” By the wine, pointing to the price on the menu is a silent signal to your server to make suggestions close to that price range. Be sure to tip your Somm or wine server separately.

If your superior or client chooses the wine, never disagree on the selection. If you choose, remember it may be viewed insulting or frivolous to try to impress them with a high-priced wine. Staying in the middle price range of the wine list is ideal. Successful business people are supposed to be able to identify value — and the wine list is no exception.

If ordering by the bottle, to ensure you order enough wine you should allow 2 glasses of wine per person; there are approximately 4 glasses in a bottle.

If someone is not drinking wine then the sommelier/waiter should remove the wine glass on your instruction, the wine glass should not be turned upside down!

About Savor Wine Boutique

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