Wine Etiquette Tips for Business Part 2 of 3

Jul 15 2014

by Kyla Cox

Read Part 1 (Selecting & Ordering) before proceeding.

So, we’ve all learned (and hopefully practiced!) the basics of selecting and ordering wine for a business function. You’ve researched the restaurant wine list, learned how to buy yourself some time (take a deep breath and suggest an aperitif or bottle of sparkling wine for the table while guests peruse the menu) and you feel confident enough to make a swift decision once handed the imposing wine list. Now what? Well, check out these tips for once the waiter or Sommelier presents you with that bottle you’ve painstakingly ordered!

Part II – Presentation of the Cork & Bottle

Understand the wine ritual – I’ve seen young people (and some not so young) who embarrass themselves by not understanding the simple ritual of the waiter presenting the bottle of wine they just ordered. In one case, this poor guy had no idea what to do with the cork, so he licked it! My background is in Corporate Marketing & Public Relations and a move like that can be the end of a career in a business where image is everything.

Here’s a refresher:

Coming Soon:

Part 3 – General Protocol

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