Why You Need to Get Your Summit Ticket Now

Feb 3 2016

by Alesya Opelt

aleysa summit post

Picture it:  St. Simons Island, Georgia.  The first Southern C Summit.  Cocktail hour.  My friend Ashley waves me over, “You’ve got to meet Danielle.  She’s got a bedding company – Baby Bleu.  You’ll love her.”

We walk through the crowd and a dark haired beauty with a huge smile turned around.  “Alesya meet Danielle.  Alesya lives in Charleston.”  I stuck out my hand and Danielle went in for the hug.  “Charleston!” she exclaimed, “We love Charleston and used to live there.”

While we were chatting Danielle revealed her husband Bob worked with Sanjay Gupta at CNN.  While he loved the job it made him realized he didn’t want to report on medicine, he wanted to practice it.  Bob was now a radiology resident.

“My husband is a radiologist.  It’s why we moved to Charleston,” I told her.  You could almost see our collective wheels turn.  “When he’s done with his studies let me know.”

Danielle and I saw each other at every Summit.  In between we’d commiserated over manufacturing issues.  Supported each other unconditionally on social media.  Met up in Charleston when she came to town.

Then one morning a text came in, “Would you like to have brunch with us at Hall’s next Sunday? Josh and Bob could meet.”  Of course we would.

I prepped Josh, “Do you remember my friend Danielle?  And her husband Bob who’s a radiology resident?  They’ll be in town next weekend.  Let’s have brunch with them.  You can give Bob the lowdown on the market here.”

“OK,” Josh responded, “But remember, I don’t know what the job situation will be when Bob finishes his training.”  I swore to my understanding and we marked it on the calendar.

The four of us met for the Gospel Brunch at Hall’s Chophouse.  Between the music of the piano, the aroma of bacon and our shared interests we had a wonderful time.  Before we even got to the car Josh declared, “Bob’s great.  He’s obviously smart, mature and doing a great residency.  Plus I can tell he’d be easy to work with.”  I smiled and nodded.

After several rounds of interviews, meetings and phone calls I’m thrilled to report Danielle and Bob are moving back to Charleston in June.  Bob is excited to start a new job.  Josh is happy to get a fantastic new partner at his practice.  But most importantly – of course – Danielle and I are getting a local scheming and dreaming partner.  Key for any entrepreneur.

It’s easy to sit in front of your laptop and debate the expense of a Summit (OK, any conference) ticket.  But you should join us.  Come for the speakers, workshops and Charleston charm.  But most importantly, come to meet other people working to do great things like you.  Sit next to me and Danielle.  We can’t wait to hear what you’re doing and learn how we can help.


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I know some women only work because they have to, but I’d actually flip that around and say that I have to work. Because I truly love it. Work is simply my favorite thing. In fact, I’ve been working since I was 14, obsessed with the idea of getting something important done.

My first job was as a page at the Adrian Public Library in Michigan. After college, I started my career at a search engine company in Silicon Valley. I moved to London for a time, and ultimately became VP of Marketing for a technology company.

Based on what I’ve told you, it may be no surprise that my favorite shows are Shark Tank and The Profit. It’s my Appointment Television

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4 responses on “Why You Need to Get Your Summit Ticket Now

  1. Cheri Leavy

    I had chills while reading this post! Thanks for being such an invaluable part of the community! You AND Danielle have the spirit that Whitney and I dreamed The Southern C would be made up of – XOXO!

  2. Alesya Opelt Post author

    Cheri – I’m thrilled to hear that. This was my favorite post to write so far. Can’t wait to see you in Charleston!

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