Which Came First, The Cake or The Egg?

Apr 29 2013

by Christine Warren

In this case, it was the egg. As in The Big Green Egg Eggfest. Cake would come later in the weekend.

You may not know that the Professor is quite the grill master. Last year for his 50th birthday he got a green egg and it has opened him up to a whole new world of outdoor cooking, smoking, and grilling. This weekend in Austin was the 10th annual Big Green Eggfest out on Lake Travis and it was a blast!


come and taste it

pork ribs

This event is not recommended for vegans.

We topped off Eggfest with a stop at the most legendary dive bar of all time, Dry Creek. A little Pearl in a can and George Jones on the jukebox seemed like the perfect way to cap off this beautiful Austin Saturday and honor The Possum.

On Sunday our friend Monte Warden was celebrating his birthday so we went to see him perform with his band The Wagoneers at the Continental Club. They too were called to pay their respects to George Jones as you can see in this little video…

The Wagoneers honor George Jones (click img above to play video)

Granted I was a little excited when they busted out their three George Jones tunes but if you saw me crying, please don’t think I was completely emotionally unstable. I had been a little heavy handed with the self tanner earlier in the day. While it clearly states not to apply near your eyes, I had slathered it around my eyes and right when they started playing the Jones songs it seeped into my eyes, burning my retina and no doubt turning my eyeballs orange.

A minor distraction. The Wagoneers brought it big time. Just another Sunday night show with Monte Warden delivering his one-of-a-kind, full tilt, all out, high-energy, cardio honky-tonk. If you have the chance, definitely come to see the Wagoneers, they play Sunday nights at the Continental Club at 7:30. You won’t be disappointed.

After the show I had the chance to meet Austin photographer and author, Matthew Sturtevant.


(Yes, I realize I was a little too aggressive with the self tanner and I look like a human Cheeto. In another post I will address my on-going issues as a lifelong tanorexic in recovery trying to make it in an SPF-centric world.)

Sturtevant published a coffee table book called The Sound of Austin which the Professor bought for me for Christmas last year. It boasts incredible photographs of Austin musicians, including Junior Brown, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson…and the band of the evening, The Wagoneers.

If mom or dad are music lovers, this book would be a great mother’s day or father’s day gift, yall. Run don’t walk.


It was a great show and a lovely time afterwards relaxing with the Professor, old friends and new friends. We were thrilled our friend Kin joined us and we were able to convert another fan to the Wags. And I always love laughing with Brandi Warden who is sweet and hilarious, plus I enjoyed chatting with new friend, Tom Lewis, aka the hardest working drummer in central Texas.

And of course, the birthday boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTE! (Thanks for the cake, Brandi!)

monte cake

cake budweiser

Speaking of birthdays…and cake…

Our beloved Red Headed Stranger turns 80 this week and we are throwing a bash to celebrate. If you are in the Austin area, or can get yourself here, PLEASE COME! We are throwing a Willie Nelson Potluck 80th Birthday Bash this Tuesday 4/30 at 8pm at Sam’s Town Point. My talented friend Tex Smith has generously decided to share the stage, in true Willie family style fashion, and has invited some redhot musicians to come for the party. We are going to have live tunes from:

Tex Smith

Gladys and Maybelle

Josh Buckley

Jason James

willie flyer sams town point

Bring a dish, bring a sweet, or just bring yourself. It’s going to be a perfectly Austin evening, sending love and music Willie’s way.

Followed by cake.

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