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Jun 23 2014

by Cheri Leavy

Head chef at Epting Events, Chef Janice Witcher has been cooking alongside Lee Epting and creating delicious Southern recipes for more than 30 years. When Lee and Ashley Epting decided to open a barbecue restaurant in 2009, they turned to Janice and her wonderful collection of recipes to create the menu. Today, Janice’s Famous Chicken Salad is one of the most popular menu items at Harry’s Barbecue.

Epting Events has sponsored The Southern C Summit in Athens, Nashville and Charleston to the delight of our #tscsummit attendees…their pralines with Schermer Pecans have become a favorite culinary delight along with their family and staff becoming beloved friends.

During a recent visit with Joyce, she shared what’s cooking in her world…

Five ingredients always in your pantry:

flour, sugar, salt, pepper, and cornmeal

Five ingredients always in your fridge:

mayo, mustard, cheese, olives, and pickles

What are some of your go-to items you like to serve at a cocktail party?

hot baked crab dip, beef tenderloin

What would you want for your last meal?

cabbage, fried corn, steamed broccoli, squash and onions

Dream guest list of five people for a dinner party and why?

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. My sister, My best friend, Veronica, and my significant other

Do you cook at home? And if so, what?

I always cook a Sunday dinner, which is usually a chicken dish, green beans, buttered potatoes, and chuck roast

Where do you like to eat in Athens besides your restaurant?

DePalma’s, Olive Garden, and Transmet

Career if you were not a chef?

Personal shopper

What is your favorite thing about Athens in the summer?

No crowds and less traffic!

What is your favorite summer time ingredient?

Homegrown tomatoes

Five Favorites-

Favorite Cocktail:

I don’t drink, but when I do go out, I’ll order half cranberry juice/half orange juice

Favorite Cookbook:

Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible

Favorite Kitchen Gadget:

I have a heap of favorite kitchen gadgets, but probably my mini-chopper.

Favorite music to listen to in the kitchen:

gospel music

Favorite culinary destination and why?

New Orleans, because I didn’t eat anything there that I didn’t like


Chef Aaron Phillips of the Last Resort

Chef Peter Dale of The National

Chef Sal Speight & Bar Manager Brian Winters of Heirloom Cafe

Chef Mikel Sykes of the Porterhouse Grill

Emily Ullrich of Em’s Kitchen at Hawthorne Drugs

more spotlights coming via guide2athens


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