What Do I Wear for Sorority Recruitment?

Aug 21 2013

by Chelsea Eli

Going through sorority recruitment can be one of the scariest, most stressful, and best experiences of your life. Knowing what to wear each day can also be just as scary and stressful. I put together a little guide to help navigate any girl rushing a sorority.

Day 1

On the first day of sorority recruitment, often called Meet the Greeks or Water Parties, you are usually provided a t shirt. Pair this shirt with some cute shorts that will stand out and make others remember you. I liked these printed shorts from Old Navy.

Day 2

The second day of rush is usually Philanthropy Day. This day is all about showing your cute, but casual, sense of style. I love this outfit from Irie Boutique.

Day 3

Third day, called Skit Day, each sorority gets to reveal their fun side. This is my favorite day, personally. While this day is more serious and calls for a dressier look, it’s still a great day to show off your personal style. This printed dress from Zara is perfect.

Day 4

The fourth day of recruitment in called Preference, or Pref, Night. Conversation gets very serious on this night. This is the night the sorority you will pledge is chosen. It is a night that calls for classic cocktail dresses. This BCBG dress puts a fresh spin on the LBD.

Bid Day

This is the day to celebrate the decision you’ve made with all those who have pledged with you and before you. Wear something stylish, yet comfortable enough to move around in. You will be running, jumping, and screaming all day. I like a cute pair of Nike shorts to pair your bid day jersey or t shirt with.

So there ya have it; your fashion guide for sorority recruitment 2013! Enjoy it, ladies! Those four years are the best, and they fly by way too fast.

xoxo-Chelsea Eli


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  1. marydellharrington

    Getting a kick out of this as I rushed soooo long ago at University of Texas (pledged Theta) and have a daughter who wants to join a sorority when she goes to college. She is a senior in high school so I hope you do this again, next year!

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