Waldorf Salad

Nov 14 2012

by Grace Mannon

Southern Recipe Posted by Grace Mannon.

Although I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit from the version my grandmother ate as a child, this is an ever-present dish at our Thanksgiving table. This seemingly random combination of ingredients plays together quite nicely in the mouth–crisp, juicy apples, crunchy nuts and celery, and sweet, chewy raisins, all slathered in a slightly tangy, creamy sauce. Plus, it’s extremely easy to make.

Craving something different for your holiday spread? Give this a try!

Waldorf Salad

Serves 6-8



  1. Whisk the yogurt, mayonnaise, parsley, nutmeg, honey, and lemon zest in a large bowl and season generously with pepper.
  2. Add the apples, celery, and raisins to the bowl, and sprinkle with the lemon juice; then toss with the dressing.
  3. Cover and refrigerate if not serving immediately.

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