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Aug 29 2014

by Christine Kelley Storch

The tag line of Rebecca Subbiah‘s Chow and Chatter is, travel, good food and nutrition. It is perfect. I’m always learning a little tidbit from her either about how to grow vegetables, or traveling back to Scotland, or a savory recipe to try. I also am a huge fan of her twitter feed. She always has something interesting to share. Rebecca was nice enough to answer a few of my questions for my Winston-Salem blogger series. Enjoy!

via Chow and ChatterDTWS: How did you first get into blogging?

RS: I started blogging when my daughter was a baby as a creative outlet and soon found a passion for it. Loved the sense of community in the food blogging world.

via Chow and Chatter

DTWS: What has been your biggest surprise since you started?

RS: Nothing really be true to you and have fun with it

via Chow and Chatter

DTWS: You are a maven on Twitter where does your best info come from?

RS: Lots of apps on my phone I have two small kids so hardly sit at computer these days and following interesting people. There’s a knack for finding cool content and a skill that can be learned ;-)

image via Food Writer Friday

DTWS: What keeps you motivated to stay so engaged?

RS: I enjoy the banter with folks and have met many interesting folks in real life it has also lead to speaking engagements and social media work.

via Ready, pack, Go!

DTWS: What if your favorite topic to blog about?

RS: Food and travel
DTWS: What is the most exciting thing happening right now in Winston-Salem in your opinion?

RS: Love the coffee and bakery scene the food is improving but not there yet sorry I am a spoilt and well traveled foodie. I love the gardens and walking trails here also.

Thank you again to Rebecca.!!

Rebecca is very social here is how you can follow her:






Vine (PS the video on how to poach an egg is great!)

via Chow and Chatter

PS — Did I mention she has her own recipe app ?? How cool is that ??

Dashing – xoxo


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