Video Marketing For Your Business: 3 Platforms and How to Use Them

Jun 1 2017

by Nancy McNulty

The Southern Coterie blog: "Video Marketing For Your Business: 3 Platforms and How to Use Them" by Nancy McNulty (photo: Kathryn McCrary for The Southern C and Waiting on Martha)
Video maven Lee Epting of Epting Events chats with Mandy Rye of Waiting on Martha in Athens, GA. (photo: Kathryn McCrary for The Southern C and Waiting on Martha)

In 2016, video became the important element and priority for my home lifestyle marketing clients and it keeps gaining momentum with high-tech options like 360 Video and Virtual reality. As a small business person, there are great video options to help you be part of this video trend, better engage with your tribe, while creating good content.

Start With Your Website

At Craft Content Nashville recently, one of my favorite social media experts Dave Delany reminded, “we rent Facebook and Instagram,” which is exactly right. This is important to remember as you create your video content. Be sure you are staying true to the real estate you own – your website. Let this be your foundation for marketing with content living here and then share outward from it.

Consider that 80% of traffic is being driven by video and 70% see a significant sales impact when using video according to Craft Content. These are exciting numbers so let’s start engaging.

In case you feel pressured to share content all at one time, it really is better to take that blog with a great video and share over various platforms throughout the week. And repurposing content even a year later is completely kosher. Here are some tips for sharing your video blog content on social media:


Create A YouTube Channel

Does your brand or company have a YouTube Channel? Via your Google account, go ahead and set this up taking advantage of creating custom channel art – currently at 2560 x 1440 pixels. Canva is a great graphic arts option for creating one.

Here are a few YouTube tips to get your started:


Facebook Live

Finally, Facebook Live is still the no. 1 element to cut through the clutter and boost your engagement without purchasing advertising. You want to try for at least 3 to 5 minutes in length. Remember, you can edit the video post event, add a custom thumbnail photo, revise the title and add tags which will help people find you while searching. If it turns out great, be sure you pin the video so it will show up higher on your page.

Video is here to stay and as Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg shared with USA Today, “Soon, we believe a camera will be the main way that we share.” And, Facebook is aggressively pursuing this strategy according to a May 12 story as they move into 360-video.

How Are You Using Video?

Video is an intriguing dimension in PR and I love it! For more inspiration, be sure and follow video pro and Southern C alum Libbie Summers. She’s #amazing. Be fearless and it will pay off.  And, let me know your favorite uses for video in the comments below.


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