#TSCSUMMIT Spotlight: High Wire Distilling Co.

Apr 4 2014

by The Southern Coterie

With The Southern C Summit quickly approaching, we’d like to introduce High Wire Distilling Co.! They will be our hosts for our Cocktails & Conversation with Southern Living editors Erin Shaw Street, Stephanie Granada, and Whitney Wright. We sat down with Ann from High Wire to chat about cocktails, the summit, and of course Charleston.
Tell us a little about the Distillery and it’s origins…
Scott is what they call a “serial entrepreneur.,” and this is his 6th successful business venture. We sold our prior company, Immaculate Baking Co, to General Mills in December 2012 and had this business concept all ready to go. Scott originally wanted to open a brewery, but we were a little spooked by the number of local breweries popping up. So, we decided to take it a step further and launch a distillery.
We really wanted to the brand to evoke early 20th century culture in America…Chicago World’s Fair, the industrial revolution, vaudeville, burlesque, the culture of mystery and magic, etc. We have always felt like it was an incredibly creative period in American history and an era marked by innovation and showmanship. We thought the name “High Wire” embodied the spirit of that time and also symbolically represented our path as a small craft spirits producer, taking risks and forging our own path with some pretty unique and unorthodox ingredients.
Why Charleston?
We are both native South Carolinians, and Charleston is a city we both just fell in love with. Selfishly, we wanted to be near the coast, so we could hit the beach on the weekends and get out on the water to sail occasionally. From a business standpoint (especially one with a retail component), Charleston’s tourism numbers really can’t be beat. We were also adamant that we would launch the next business in a creative epicenter, and Charleston is definitely that. We have some of the best restaurants, entrepreneurs, and hospitality in the country. It’s incredibly stimulating to live in a city that constantly challenges you to be better. Charlestonians are generally curious, adventurous folk, and we are inspired on a daily basis by the people that surround us.
What’s your favorite cocktail made with High Wire spirits?
We like to keep it pretty simple. Our standard end of the day drinks are a Hat Trick Gin with fresh grapefruit juice, club soda, and a twist of lime or Hat Trick Gin with Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Tonic Syrup and a few dashes of orange bitters. In the winter, we are more likely to wind down with a glass of Sorghum Whiskey neat. We are definitely not mixologists; we are masters of the approachable cocktail.

How did y’all hear about The Southern C Summit?

We have followed The Southern C on social media for quite some time, so we were thrilled to hear they had chosen Charleston for the summit. It was especially exciting that they wanted to host their Cocktails & Conversation in our space.
What are you hoping to learn from the summit?
We are really excited to hear from people in industries that are completely different from ours. It’s always great to see how entrepreneurs in a completely different field approach their business. There is always something new to learn or a new perspective to consider.

What are you most looking forward to at TSC Summit in Charleston?
We are always excited to be around super creative and curious people. Scott and I love meeting new people. You never know when the spark of an idea will hit you, and it is never in a predictable moment. We are really looking forward to great conversations, and that’s a sure thing when this many creative minds get together!
What do you hope attendees will be sure to see while in Charleston?
The Summit falls during our favorite time of year in Charleston. The loquats are falling off of trees all over town. The soft shell crabs are in season. People are out and about eating and drinking and enjoying long lingering days. Since we’re in the food and beverage business, we always encourage people to eat and drink their way around town. Don’t miss the fabulous cocktails at The Gin Joint, Rarebit, The Ordinary, Husk, and The Grocery. Grab small bites at FIG, The Macintosh, Xiao Bao Biscuit, and Two Boroughs Larder. Devour a burger late night at Butcher & Bee. Take in the sights along the way.
Describe your ideal day in Charleston.
Sundays are our only day off, and we try to make the most of those precious hours. We kick off the day with a lazy brunch (Warehouse, Butcher & Bee, or Glass Onion are a few of our faves). After brunch, we take our dog for a stroll through Ansonborough and the market and then down through the French Quarter to the Battery and back up King Street. It’s a great way to take in the city. A brisk walk paves the way for a lazy afternoon nap followed by cocktails and a bite to eat with friends. If we’re feeling adventurous, we’ll work a leisurely bike ride in or a drive out to the beach. The possibilities are endless! That’s why we love it here.
Join us in Charleston!
The Southern C Summit


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