#TSCSUMMIT Market Spotlight: Batch Nashville

Mar 27 2014

by The Southern Coterie

We’re excited to have Batch Nashville join us for another #tscsummit! We sat down with the boys of Batch to learn a little more about their biz and what they’re excited to learn at the upcoming Charleston summit.

Describe Batch Nashville in 3 words.

Local delivered. (Is just 2 okay?)

How did y’all come up with the concept of Batch Nashville?

The Christmas before last (2012) I wanted to send some locally-made Nashville goodies to friends out of state. I was hoping to find something online that showcased all of my favorite local brands, but I didn’t. So I drove around town getting things together. A few months later, I was chatting with two friends (Rob and Stephen) about the great things made in Nashville. We thought opening a really great local retail store could be fun and appeal to locals and tourists alike. But, opening a store can be capital and time intensive. At the same time, we noticed the rise in subscription boxes and we wondered: Would people want to pay to receive local Nashville items delivered to them each month? Last summer, we built and branded the concept and officially opened our retail doors in August 2013.

What’s your favorite batch box?

The first one we every shipped continues to be our most popular – Rise & Shine. It has four delicious breakfast items and is a perfect gift for anyone (including yourself). But I’m also excited about our inaugural Charleston Batch that will ship in May.

What would be Batch Nashville’s theme song?

Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?

What are you hoping to learn from TSC Summit in Charleston?

I always like to hear from people having success in their particular area. It’s always good to hear stories from people who have learned something along the way and are willing to share it.

What are you most looking forward to at TSC Summit in Charleston?

Having been at the Nashville Summit last fall, I’m looking forward to our team building more relationships with folks around the South who care about quality, locally-made products. Caroline Rossini, who’s new to our team and oversees our wedding and gift products, will also be attending. Be sure to say hey! (We’ll have special coupons for folks who’d like to get in on the Batch action.)

Join us in Charleston April 30 – May 2!

For schedule and registration information click here.


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