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Jul 31 2012

by James Zalewski

Hello all . I am new to this site , and am just learning my way around the various topics and blog spots. Though I live in Nebraska , my law practice has taken me to various southern cities , which has led to my love for the area and all of its traditions and culture. My travels have taken me to Savannah and St. Simons Island in Georgia , Charleston , Greensboro , Asheville , Houston and Corpus Christi, among others. I have become particularly interested in the history of plantations and the antiques that have survived that era.

My question is this : Is there a particular city , beach location , road trip , etc. that any of you suggest to get that true Southern experience in a vacation ? I would have to say that so far I love the low country area around and between Savannah and Charleston . i will welcome any suggestions as to sites , hotels , etc. I am looking forward to the interaction on this site and learning how the “friends ” section operates.


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  1. emilylabordehines

    Another great road trip is to ride the entire Natchez Trace…You can ride from Tennessee all the way down to Natchez, Mississippi on a scenic highway with historic sites, picnic areas, and gorgeous scenery.

    Here’s a little more info from their website: Today the Natchez Trace provides a near-continuous greenway from the southern Appalachian foothills of Tennessee to the bluffs of the lower Mississippi River. Along the way are sites like Emerald Mound, a national historic landmark and one of the largest American Indian mounds in the United States; and Mount Locust, one of only two surviving stands. You can visit their website I linked to above for more info about the different sections of the route, hotels, and stops along the way. Enjoy!

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