Traditional Boiled Custard

Apr 9 2013

by Marianne Brown

Southern Recipe Posted by Marianne Brown.​

Boiled Custard is an old family favorite. It is a simple, yet decadent dessert that requires a bit of finesse. Dostie used to make this for us when we were children, but I think it was her favorite sweet tooth pacifier too. She would always serve it to us in her little blue and white dishes, which seemed perfect for a child, but I remember wanting to drink the whole pitcher! This is also one of our brother’s specialties. I have called him on several occasions for ‘boiled custard advice’. Our nieces are quickly becoming the next generation of boiled custard groupies.

This time, sister and I were making it for Dostie. Well, making it for all of us. While sitting in the bay window at her kitchen table, we ask, “Now how much do you put”, and “how long do you do that?” Dostie, 89 years old, gives us steady instructions “Just don’t quit stirring or you’ll get lumps,” and “you know there’s a little mint growing out by the pump house if you need a little garnish.” Sister stirred, while I whipped the cream. When the custard was done, we poured a few bowls, topped it with a little cream, and…There was silence as we all savored each spoonful.

Boiled Custard

Prep: 2 min. / Cook: 10 min. / Serves: 8

Add water into pot of double boiler and bring to a boil. Place the bowl part of double boiler on top (ensuring it does not touch water). Pour milk into double boiler and allow it to get warm to the touch. Beat eggs together and add sugar and vanilla. Slowly pour egg mixture ​into warm milk while constantly stirring. Continue to stir for approximately 8-10minutes until the liquid thickly coats the spoon. I would say, not longer than 12 minutes or you will overcook it, and lumps will begin to form. Remove from the heat and pour into dish, or drink the whole pitcher, whatever your prefer.

Boiled custard can be served warm or cold, so you may prepare it ahead of time and allow it to rest in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve your guest. ​ Enjoy!

The Whole Family’s Food

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  1. sudyvanceleavy

    Boiled custard-an all-time favorite. It made being sick palatable. It also reminds me of the joy of collecting custard cups. Love the featured ones. But, there’s a variety to be found. One post notes their diversity. A perfect size for measuring ingredients when you’re cooking. One busy mother of three notes she uses them for sorting all types of items, even Q-tips. So poke around. Depression glass, Pyrex, Glasbake, Fireking-just a few of the collectible, along with Anchor Hocking, who even offers them in oval shape.

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