Tis the Season

Aug 4 2015

by Hannah Danahey

While most of the world is soaking up the summer the sun and applying SPF, editors are singing to the tune of Jingle All the Way and checking out the latest snowshoe trends. Most print and digital publications dedicate entire teams to sourcing the best gifts for their readers.


Although it may be too late to see your products splashed across the glossy pages of Martha Stewart Living or Bon Appétite, the growing digital media domain and short-lead periodicals provide ample opportunity to garner exposure and ultimately increase holiday sales.

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Not sure where to start? We’ve outlined 3 simple steps to get you well on your way to holiday cheer:

  1. Know Your Clients and/or Products: Finding the right outlet for your clients and/or products is key to successful gift guide pitching. If you don’t fully understand the products you’re pitching, how can you convince an editor that it is worth their readers’ time? Know the specifics (price, quantity, dimensions, packaging, etc.) and be prepared to send samples or high res images, as requested.
  2. Pitch the Right Contact: The editorial world is in constant change, there is no guarantee that last year’s gift guide editor will be rounding up this year’s latest and greatest so confirm your contacts. Read previous articles from the editor and familiarize yourself with their likes and dislikes.
  3. Categorize Your Pitch: Break down your offerings into different categories so editors can easily spot where it might be the best fit. Research last year’s guides and editorial calendars to discover themes, price points, color schemes and deadlines. For example, if your product is made in the USA, under $30 or eco-friendly be sure to highlight that in your pitch. Take time to craft your message but remember to keep it short and sweet and always include images.

Once you’ve hit send, feel free to follow up about a week later. Not getting a response? The editor may have determined that your product is not the best fit for this year’s gift guide. The good news is that they’ve been introduced to the concept and will have it on their radar for future opportunities. Score a top-notch placement? Remember to thank the editor and share future brand news as it becomes available.

Best of luck & Happy Holidays 🙂


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