Tin Roof Music Festival

Sep 19 2012

by Emily Laborde Hines

Athens, Georgia is one of the best places to see live music. With countless bands and venues…there is something for everyone in Athens. This year the Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation is hosting its 2nd annual Tin Roof Music Festival! The ACHF has worked to preserve historic buildings and neighborhood districts to improve the overall experience of living in Athens for a long time now. This event represents the music community’s appreciation for what they have done and continue to do. All proceeds from the event will go to the Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation!

Here’s the lineup:

Sam Sniper

Alt-Country band from Athens, Georgia. Sniper’s debut album, We’re Not Coming Back This Way, is the culmination of a yearlong self-produced self-recorded effort by members Andrew Klein and Chris Barnett. Drawing on songs written collaboratively by the two, We’re Not Coming Back This Way deals with love, heartbreak, purpose, and intergalactic jungle warfare. Inside a single song the music can move from country ramble to explosive rock, grooving together within the warm embrace of pop sensibility.


Local Athens, Georgia Band

Androcles and the Lion

Androcles and the Lion formed in August 2010, after songwriters, McKendrick Bearden and Austin Harris, moved to Athens. The pair met while studying music at LaGrange College. To pass the time while working on composition projects the two began writing songs together. Upon graduating from LaGrange and moving to Athens, they were introduced to percussionist, Paul Stevens. In August 2011, the group released their debut EP, “As Far As Blindness Could See.” The album was recorded at Chase Park Transduction in Athens with engineer and producer, Drew Vandenberg.

Furies: Local Athens, Georgia band. Formerly known as Grinin Bear It.

The Breaks

Starting in September of 2011, Emily Braden (Vocals), Blake Benson (Lead Guitar), Cody Provost (Rhythm Guitar), and Adam Grant (Drums) got together to form The Breaks. The Breaks are a band you can’t pinpoint except to say they strive to make music that makes you move. People have described the group as feel-good, progressive rock music, but the band tries not to limit themselves to any label. The Breaks’ were founded on a blend of influences ranging from She & Him to The Raconteurs, both apparent in their enduring and catchy melodies. And although the band is relatively young, only eight months as a full unit, they have certainly made a name for themselves with their dynamic, high-energy live shows.

If you are in the Athens area don’t miss it!

For more info visit the Tin Roof Music Fest event page.


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