Three Steps to Kick Butt Partner Meetings

Aug 12 2015

by Alesya Opelt

It’s easy to go into a partner meeting ill prepared.  You’re paying them right?  Let them do the legwork.  But that’s a fast way to invest in something you don’t like.  Try these three ideas before and during your next conference call.

Pinterest Board
Think about the beautiful Pinterest board you have set up from your kitchen renovation or beach house (you know, for instance).  Use this same tactic for any project.  Even if you’re meeting with your accountant this tool can help.  “I was thinking my end of year reports would look like this.  And quarterly like that?” or “This is what I mean by inventory”  or even “Why was that event was so expensive?  Look at this spread!”

Below is a board I created when I had my stationery suite redesigned.  Rather than just assume my partner knew what I meant by a “Presidential look and feel” I collected images from US White House stationary that I really liked.  No guess work (Which President?  Does she mean regal?  Or maybe highfalutin?) from my design team.

Alesya Bags Pinterest Board

Clear Goals
When making a big purchase you think, “I’m spending so much money with them, THEY should know what I need.”  But no one can read your mind.  You’ll spend a lot less time in the meeting if you state your goal clearly up front.  Something simple like “This event is to reward our team members and everything we do needs to reflect our appreciation,” or “Our website’s main goal is to drive people into the store, NOT to make a purchase online,” works well.


Timing & Cost

Haven’t we all been there?  It’s like fighting about money and sex in a marriage.  When push comes to shove we’re always talking about these two issues.  If your partner doesn’t bring it up, you should.  During the meeting talk about a deadline and a budget.  If your partner doesn’t follow up with your requests in writing you do it.  Don’t let a she said/she said argument sour an otherwise beautiful project.

Next time we chat I’ll be giving you and update on my Periscope and Meerkat research.  Until the feel free to ask any marketing question to my Twitter account – @Alesya.


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