THE SOUTHERN C(ity) GUIDE 2 Raleigh, NC with Kelly Shatat

Oct 20 2015

by Cheri Leavy

At The Southern C, our demographics span the entire South, from large cities to small towns, each with their own unique blend of Southern culture. This mix is a large part of what makes The Southern C special.

We want to promote this mix by having members in different cities peel back the curtain on the way they conduct business in their town. We are calling this “The Southern C(ity) Guide”, which will be promoted across three TSC platforms–Instagram, Pinterest, and here on our website.

Our first Southern C(ity) Guide was brought to you by me – The Southern Coterie co-founder, Cheri Leavy – and I spotlighted the two spots I reside in the Golden Isles and Athens, Georgia on Pinterest.

This week Moon and Lola’s Kelly Shatat will share her favorite spots in Raleigh, NC …


Describe your brand/business and how it got started:

I practiced pharmacy prior to being a jewelry designer and started making jewelry as a creative outlet. Counting pills just wasn’t cutting it for me! I did my first Junior League Shopping Spree and sold out of every piece. My best friend Avis, aka Moon, really inspired and pushed me to do it. I am thankful for her everyday! I don’t ever really go the easy route, so when selling at the at the junior league show I knew I had to have a “brand”. I made pink jewelry tags, created a logo from an old stamp, and decided to call it Moon and Lola (Avis and my pretend names in college.) The name Moon and Lola really is a story of friendship and is a happy reminder to stay light-hearted with my business!



Color, magazines (I refuse to ever throw them away), people, art, travel, everything!


#1 skill needed to be an entrepreneur:

Drive, courage and intuition, but without drive the other two go no where…


Role model:

Co Co Chanel


Favorite social media:

Instagram – it’s a way I can stay connected to all of my industry friends and stay visually inspired, everyday!


Most used emoji:

Double Hearts


Favorite quote:

“No Grit, No Pearl” I truly believe as a entrepreneur that the key to success is working harder than anyone else.


Biggest risk that paid off:

After several years of doing both Moon and Lola at night and my pharmacy job during the day, I decided to stop practicing pharmacy and pursue my dream full-time. I haven’t looked back since!


Interesting tidbit about you or your business:

I have serious obsession with animals – no matter what form. My close friends joke that I have a zoo of white ceramic animals at my house. They simply make me happy!


Theme song:

I don’t know where I’m going but I sure know where I’ve been. “Here I Go Again” – Whitesnake


Favorite book or author:

The 5 Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman. I gift it all the time because I think everyone should read it!



Reading magazines, movies and online shopping! (I’m a professional at online shopping!) I consider it research, haha!


Favorite charity:

It’s so hard to choose one! Here’s a few of my favorites that I help support! Bob’s Buddies (local Raleigh charity), Make a Wish, and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation. The Moon and Lola team and I adopted a baby elephant named Kamok. I sure hope to visit her someday!


Favorite session at the Summit:

Mandy Rye’s Social Session – I love her!


What you love most about your town:

It is the perfect size to me. We have old school southern charm and modern conveniences. Raleigh is such a growing place and I’m so happy I’m able to be a part of the growth!


Describe a typical day in your town:

A typical Saturday for me in Raleigh – a good brunch at Joule, shopping at the flea market, a movie at the Rialto and spending time with Mr. Monogram (my puppy)!


Moon and Lola’s Kelly Shatat shares more Raleigh favorites

here on a pinterest board.


The Southern C(ity) Guides:

Cheri Leavy in the Golden Isles and Athens, GA

Whitney Long in the Golden Isles, GA

Holly Phillips in Charlotte, NC





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Cheri Leavy is a connector, cheerleader and marketing consultant for fellow entrepreneurs.
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