THE SOUTHERN C(ity) GUIDE 2 Nashville with Cassie Kelley

Oct 27 2015

by Cheri Leavy

At The Southern C, our demographics span the entire South, from large cities to small towns, each with their own unique blend of Southern culture. This mix is a large part of what makes The Southern C special.

We want to promote this mix by having members in different cities peel back the curtain on the way they conduct business in their town. We are calling this “The Southern C(ity) Guide”, which will be promoted across three TSC platforms–Instagram, Pinterest, and here on our website.

Our first Southern C(ity) Guide was brought to you by me and I spotlighted the two spots I reside in the Golden Isles and Athens, Georgia on Pinterest and the blog.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.22.23 PM

This week, Womanista’s Cassie Kelley will share her favorite spots in Nashville on her instagram Tuesday Takeover, on a pinterest board and here …


Describe your brand/business and how it got started:

Womanista is a women’s lifestyle brand that encourages and empowers women to be their best selves. Our website offers daily inspiration about style, family, health, living, entertainment and travel. started as my personal blog in 2012. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to partner with an amazing company that helped me transition the blog into a digital media platform. It has been so exciting to see all of the different perspectives shared on womanista every day, and to see it reach millions of women around the globe each month!



I’m inspired daily by my friends, family, and the aspiration to be better. That’s truly what I seek to share at womanista – ways that we can all love each other better, understand each other better, and support one another better.


#1 skill needed to be an entrepreneur:

Fearlessness and the ability to learn from criticism (sorry that’s two things! But both are essential).


Role model:

My stylish and fearless mom, Claudia Fowler.


Favorite social media:

Instagram feeds – @cntraveler for my wanderlust obsession and @BonnieTsang for pretty food pics (a must-follow for pregnant women, ha ha)


Most used emoji:

The heart


Favorite quote:

“Never get attached to anything that can be bought or sold” – my wise grandmother Betty Lou Robertson


Biggest risk that paid off:

Starting Womanista! Sometimes the hardest step is to just start.


Interesting tidbit about you or your business:

Womanista shares an office with 24/7 Sports, a top sports media website (and naturally a lot of dudes!) The dichotomy is hysterical (and I love it).


Theme song:

Heavenly Day – Patty Griffin


Favorite book or author:

Philippa Gregory (I love historical fiction)



Cooking and laying on the beach (not sure if that’s a hobby but it’s my favorite thing to do!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.43.15 PM


Favorite charity:

Oasis Center Nashville and St. Jude


Session at the Summit:

Presented on a blogger panel in Nashville in 2013

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.48.00 PM

(pictured after the panel with Cheri Leavy of The Southern Coterie and guide2athens, Libbie Summers, Holly Phillips of The English Room, Kristin Luna of Camels and Chocolate and Cassie Kelley of Womanista)


What you love most about your town:

The people and the “small town” vibe with “big city” cultural offerings


Womanista’s Cassie Kelley shares more Nashville favorites

here on the pinterest board.


The Southern C(ity) Guides:

Cheri Leavy of The Southern Cotherie in the Golden Isles and Athens, GA

Whitney Long of The Southern Coterie in the Golden Isles, GA

Holly Phillips of The English Room in Charlotte, NC

Kelly Shatat of Moon and Lola in Raleigh, NC





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Cheri Leavy is a connector, cheerleader and marketing consultant for fellow entrepreneurs.
Building rapport and strengthening a sense of community:
• A community of female entrepreneurs through the The Southern Coterie and The Southern C Summit
• The faces and places of Athens that make our city so vibrant through guide2athens
• A community of devoted football fans through Bulldawg Illustrated
- Contributing editor to Coastal Illustrated, Executive Board Member of the UGA Alumni Association

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