The Southern C (ity) Guide 2 Nashville with Rowanne McKnight of the Nashville Artist Collective

Sep 27 2016

by Cheri Leavy

At The Southern C, our demographics span the entire South, from large cities to small towns, each with their own unique blend of Southern culture. This mix is a large part of what makes The Southern C special.

We want to promote this mix by having members in different cities peel back the curtain on the way they conduct business in their town.

We can’t think of a better authority on Nashville, Tennessee than Rowanne McKnight of the newly launched Nashville Artist Collective.  She is a favorite Southern C Alumna with a great eye and spirited personality so her take on the Music City is packed with fun spots where she works and plays!

Get to know Rowanne McKnight and Nashville Artist Collective as she shares a little about her work life as well as her guide to Nashville (#tsctakeover on Tuesday and additions to our NSH pinterest board) …

Describe your business or brand?

I am the Director of the Nashville Artist Collective. We just launched on September 15th. We are a sister site to the Charleston Artist Collective, which was founded by Allison Williamson. We met at a Southern C Summit in 2014, actually. I was working for a different brand at the time, but I told her that night that I really wanted to see a Nashville Artist Collective one day … and here it is!

Your first job:

My first job was in high school with a lighting company in New Orleans. I did a lot of filing, of course, but they also let me work with the luxury sales rep. I love planning just the right lighting for the beautiful, old homes. I also learned how to listen to customers and sell them what they want.


I am inspired by color. Of course, the mountains and the beach have the best colors a different light. Maybe we just take note because we actually slow down there. I am also really inspired by music and wish I had the gift to play lots of instruments! We have put speakers in every room in our house and always have something playing.

#1 skill needed as an entrepreneur:


“To persevere with humility. To breakthrough. To take the leap; to chase the dream. The burning desire to grow. Falling in love with you you were meant to be. I was born to do this.”

I actually have a tshirt that I bought with this on the back It sums it up, right?

Role Model:

My maternal grandmother was my role model when she was alive and continues to guide me. She was the first female professor at Mississippi State University. She taught me about the stock market and she taught me how to ride a wave. She loved to shoot a gun as much as she enjoyed arranging flowers from her cutting garden. She loved riding horses between the cotton rows on the farm where she lived, but also adored the bustle of New York City. She keeps me inspired to honor the yin and yang of my personality and interests.

Favorite Social Media:

I probably spend the most time on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I love the way it makes the world small and allows me to keep up with people in my personal life, but also to experience brands in real time. I don’t watch much tv, social media is my favorite reality show!

Favorite Insta Accounts:

Charleston and Atlanta Artist Collective, thesouthernc (of course), the nashvillefa, styleblueprintblue_print_store (I love their feed, their art, everything!)

Most used emoji:

blowing a kiss one (everyone needs a little smooch!)

Favorite quote:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Biggest Risk that Paid Off:

Leaving a high paying job with a technology company to market and sell local art to the world. Doing what I love with artists I adore is my dream job x 100. I wake up everyday excited to do my job.

Interesting tidbit about you:

Hmmm…I don’t think I am all that interesting I have run 17 marathons (which just says I have lots of energy!)

Theme Song:

Born to fly Sara Evans

Favorite Book:

Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd (or any of her books)


yoga, running, jewelry design


That one is hard Nashville has so many great causes. Thistle Farms is a wonderful organization. They offer healing to women who have stuck in the cycles of prostitution, trafficking and addiction. They have several social enterprises which include Thistle Farms Home & Body. These products are about to go into Whole Foods nationwide which is incredibly exciting.

Favorite Session at The Southern C Summit:

I love watching Libbie Summers. She is amazing at presenting in a humorous and effective way.

What I love about my town:

Locals love their hometown but everyone here is welcoming and kind. Nashville really is a great city!

Typical Day:

Run in Percy Warner park. Breakfast and school drops with my kids. Coffee at a local coffee shop with a friend or a business contact. In office by 9 am to take care of emails and office tasks. Midday and early afternoon are held for clients and artist meetings.

Visit our pinterest board for The Southern C(ity) Guide 2 Nashville to see more of Rowanne’s hot spots in the Music City!


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