The Perfect Pottery Present

Jun 17 2013

by Leslie Friedman

Last week was the week of gifts. And the best part is, that it wasn’t even a holiday, or my birthday. Some people may frown on belated gifts, but you must admit that it is kind of wonderful to get a present you weren’t expecting. At least, I think so.

One of the presents was a beautiful piece of pottery that came from one of my friends currently in grad school at Georgia (Go Dawgs! –I’m sorry, that’s a reflex that I can’t suppress). This beauty was created by Jon Bradford in Watkinsville, GA (if I find any sort of web trail to his work I’ll be sure to edit this post and include it!)


I love the glazing detail. I also love that when I texted a gushing thank you, my friend goes, “you’re welcome. Let me know how you use it”. I couldn’t tell if it was a, “I thought it was beautiful, but I would have no idea what to do with it” kind of comment…which I think is pretty hilarious. As a response to her curiosity, I decided, ‘what better way to show her all the possibilities than with a blog post’. So here are just a few ideas:


Communication Station: when my husband and I were coming and going a lot, we would always leave each notes as to where we were.


Catch-all: The minute Andrew gets home, he instantly empties his pockets…wherever. I’ve made it my goal to make sure there is always an empty container for that kind of chaos.


On the Tabletop: Such a lovely way to collect coasters, salt and pepper shakers, candles, napkins, and anything else floating around the kitchen table.


Knitting Spot: I really like the idea of having a designated spot for my knitting…especially when I’m working with a color like white.


Music Tray: My life is a constant (happy) battle of corralling banjo supplies. They seem to multiple and spread out everywhere.


Food Station: If our little one didn’t already have a food station (and if he didn’t make so much of a mess while he ate) this would be perfect.


Fruit Dish: This would be the human equivalent to the previous food picture.


Thank You Note Station: Last but not least! Every lady needs a spot for her thank you notes.

As I was taking pictures, I kept thinking of more and more ideas of things to do with this beautiful little tray (candles, makeup, etc)- which to me is a sign of a great home piece. I don’t like items you can only use is one certain way. I get bored and I move and what was once perfect for one use will now be perfect for another. I guess you could say that I like my belongings to be high functioning.

Now if you excuse me, I have some thank you notes to write.


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2 responses on “The Perfect Pottery Present

  1. cherileavy

    She is going to love her digital thank you too! How fun to show its versatility. I am on the hunt for that pottery.

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