The Hunt Collection by Cotton & Quill

Sep 13 2016

by Holly Phillips

I was thrilled when Summit alum Jill McKenzie from Steve McKenzie’s in Atlanta gave me an exclusive sneak peek of the new Hunt collection from fellow Summit alum Cotton & Quill.

They certainly knew that I was going to be taken with this equestrian-inspired textile collection and they were correct.

I have showed it to my petite horsewoman who is coveting it for her room. She has requested blue because “everyone knows that is 1st place”…I prefer purple even if it is 7th place.

Kudos to Cotton & Quill on a great collection! Do not hesitate to contact Steve McKenzie’s for samples or more info. Happy Textile Tuesday!

The Hunt_Derby by Cotton + quill_000001

The Hunt_Steel Magnolia by Cotton + quill_000001

The Hunt_Equestrian Plaid Cotton + quill_000001

The Hunt_Tortoiseshell by Cotton + quill_000001

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