The Beauty of Branding

Apr 14 2016

by Emily McCarthy

It’s no secret that here at the Emily McCarthy studio we believe in signature style coming through in every aspect of your life. That’s why we take branding so seriously, and are so thrilled to take on new clients. How does one find their personal brand? Let’s take a walk through the process.

If you are looking to rebrand or brand a new business, make sure the company you are commissioning pays special attention to how you can inject yourself not just in your logo, but across your website, and overall corporate identity. The first step is always asking a question, “Where do you see yourself and your brand going in the next few years?” It’s really important for you to be honest with yourself about what your aesthetic is. After all, the best brand logos have stood the test of time! You want yours to speak volumes for years to come.

My main recommendations for finding your personal brand are, above all else: stay true to your signature style! It’s so cliche but there really is only one you and no one else on this earth can have the exact same tastes and adorations as you! Once you’ve developed your likes and dislikes everything else will fall into place. Make sure to take note of other competitors in your industry, but whatever you do, go out of your way to be different. I recommend “The Purple Cow” as a great read by Seth Godin. He highlights how to be purposely different than others in your industry. No one ever made it in the world by following the trends, it’s the trend setters that really stand out. Don’t go with the flow, create the flow!

Patterns and styles that have always appealed to you are where your heart should stay! Trends come and go, but if you’ve loved cheetah print since before you knew how to walk – chances are it’s part of your identity now. No use in fighting it! Ask yourself, “What best tells my story?” And that is the right direction to take! Here are a few examples of true signature style in branding with our clients – I hope this inspires you to find yours in business!



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2 responses on “The Beauty of Branding

  1. Alexandra Bee Blog

    You are so talented, Emily! I love following along with your ventures on Instagram. All of these designs are lovely and you can definitely see individuality shining through! I have to say of these 3, Lauren Emerson is my favorite!

  2. Leigh Strong

    Emily! I am so proud of my brand designs and it was such a surprise to see them on this site! You are such an
    incredible artist and I feel very lucky to be one of your clients. I am really looking forward to working on my website with you very soon and as I build my new business venture in design through
    Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts with me.

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