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Jun 3 2015

by Cheri Leavy

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Southern C Summit in Charleston and love hearing that our attendees, presenters and sponsors did too.  We are working on a digital magazine wrap up that will include presentations, videos and more.  In the meantime, I share several takeaways and reflections here.

Robert Leleux, Editor-in-chief, Domino magazine:

“I’m not sure I know of another conference like The Southern C Summit.  I don’t know of any event that offers greater value to its participants, or where participants have more fun!”

My favorite takeaway from Robert during the media panel – “Magazines never say no to you, they say no to the project.  There’s nothing personal about it at all so keep sending pitches.  It’s not a bother.  As editors we are desperate for content.  And if you are really serious then hire a PR person. Mortgage your house if you have to but hire the right PR person.”

Robert Leleux tscsummit

 Haile McCollum, Founder Fontaine Maury:

“It goes without saying that there were lots of great, eye opening moments.  A Top 10 Moment that really stands out for me was when Christine Osborne said, “Quit working IN your business and start working ON your business.” With the day-to-day demands of doing work we are passionate about, it’s easy to forget that your business needs as much attention as your clients do, maybe even more!”

My favorite takeaway from Haile during her blog bootcamp – “What would someone steal from your brand? This is your core strength.”

haile mccollum tscsummit

 Valarie “Valine” Davis Lee, Founder Valine’s Famous:

“The energy and inspiration I receive from other entrepreneurs at The Southern Summit is what makes me think outside the box and to never look back about your passion!”

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.51.02 PM

Valarie is always all smiles

Holly Phillips, Founder, The English Room:

“The Southern C 2015 grew by leaps and bounds for incredible content and events. Both tracks of speakers were the best and the brightest entrepreneurs sharing the secrets openly to their successes.  Mandy Rye, of Waiting on Martha, was particularly inspiring. Her marketing background clearly drove her business clarity in devising precise planning in her social media strategies and collaborative efforts. I have followed the very exact advice offered by Mandy to land a very coveted future collaboration for The English Room. I am treating my participation on the C-Team with the Southern C blog as a valuable tool in my business strategy as well.”

Holly Phillips with Cathy Austin and Whitney O'Brien

Holly Phillips with Cathy Austin and Whitney O’Brien

Eddie Ross, Digital and Print Editor, Better Homes and Gardens:

“My favorite thing about the Summit was the energy! The enthusiasm! The collaborative spirit! It was all about making new friends and learning from their experiences.”

My favorite takeaway from Eddie during the media panel – “We are really visual people. Instagram I have to say is a great way to get out there.  When you go to an instagram feed and it is all over the place then you think multiple personality disorder but when you land on a beautiful feed of a certain point of view, it’s wonderful.”

Read leapfrog PR Co Libba Osborne’s Summit Talk with Eddie Ross here.


Eddie during the media panel with Tori Mellott to right

Catherine Schenquerman, Marketing Director, JetBlue:

“TSCsummit is truly about collaborating and creating.  It’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet women who are supportive of each other in creating a business or life that is in harmony with who they truly are.”

My favorite takeaway from Catherine during the Brand/Blog Collaboration panel – “Take care of your product.  Your blog is your product.”


Monica Lavin, Founder, Lavin Label:

 “As the Founder and Creative Director of Lavin Label, I know all too well how powerful networking can be, especially when you are just starting out. The Southern C Summit unlocked a world of talented and skilled entrepreneurs with similar interests that I am happy to say have now become collaborators on some up and coming projects.  I also enjoyed the intimate setting of the conference where interacting with the speakers was possible at the many well planned social events. I am so thankful I attended and look forward to going next year!”

Monica in the center #tiedtogether

Monica in the center #tiedtogether

Rusty Heery, President, Heery’s Clothes Closet:

 “There is no finer assembly of setting, culinary delights, knowledgeable speakers and beautiful women than the Southern C. I was honored to be included at the latest event in Charleston and certainly enjoyed the company. I would encourage more male participation in the future but I’m a selfish man! Only kidding, there is a lot to be learned and a lot to be enjoyed at the Southern C and I encourage anyone with a fine southern heritage to attend.”

Rusty avoided the camera but here is Lindsay, Rusty's creative director at Heerys with me and his wife, Ginger

Rusty avoided the camera but here is Lindsay, Rusty’s creative director at Heerys

with me and his wife, Ginger

Jenny Thompson, Designer, Theodosia Jewelry:

 “Well…I loved every moment of the summit. Being around so many like-minded business people was inspiring.  I think it was so helpful to have other business women share their experiences and challenges and the solutions they found.  And it was so well thought out and organized, not to mention a really good time.  I’ll definitely be at each one in the future!”

 Amelia Handshoe and Jenny Thompson of Theodosia

Please be sure to share your takeaways and reflections of the Summit with us via the survey and feel free to email me directly at cherileavy@thesouthernc.com.  Whitney and I want to know your feedback as we begin to plan 2016.  We really want to know about your collaborations so we can help promote them.  Keep us in the loop.  #connectcollaboratecreate

Thank you so much for taking your time to send us updates.  We appreciate it.




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