Super Easy and Super Yummy Super Bowl Recipes

Jan 29 2014

by Whitney Long

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings (photo and recipe by Amber Wilson – see below)

Hmmm… I may have heard something about a little football game happening this Sunday… did you? With four males in my house and their favorite NFL teams playing against each other, things may get a little heated. As for me, my heat and passion will take place before the game as I make the all-important Super Bowl game food. By preparing some of these easy and yummy recipes supplied by several C-Team contributors, I will still able to watch the most exciting parts of the game – the commercials and half-time show 🙂

I’ll kick off this recipe compilation (no pun intended) with three of my go-to’s for sports-related gatherings:

Whitney Long:

Spicey Snack Mix

Six Layer Greek Dip

Chili Cheese Dip

Justin Cave:

Armadillo Eggs

Tamara Eckles:

Football Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Mary Dell Harrington:

Classic Guacamole

Leslie Anne Harrison:

Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad

Cheri Leavy:

Pancetta Pear Crisps

Shannon Reeves:

Olive Muffin Puffs

Amber Wilson:

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Angie Tillman:

Bloody Mary Roll-Ups with Pickled Vegetables


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