Sunscreen for the Family

Jun 18 2014

by Christine Kelley Storch

It is about that time for my crazy family to head to the beach. I love nothing better than having no schedule for the day except drinking coffee on the back porch and playing in the sand. Everything else we get to do is just gravy. My youngest Rand, burns if he is in the sun too long and my oldest son Nelson, is in the sun all day long. So this means I need a serious sunscreen for my boys. What I have found for them is using a cream for face, upper ears and shoulders and a spray for the body. It seems to work well and we haven’t had any burns yet. Below are my best bets for sunscreen.

California Baby Sunscreen plus the N

eutrogena wet skin kids is my favorite combination. I have to apply the California Baby once for every two times I apply the Neutrogena but it works and my kids stay safe.

A friend of mine was just raving about Sun Bum sunscreen the other day. The company just began in 2010 but is serious about sunscreen and has also been tested and approved by the The Skin Cancer Foundation. To me that seems like a great vote of confidence :)

These are my back ups… Honest Sunscreen and Copperstone Kids. Same combo as the California Baby and Neutrogena. Great products, I’ve just been with California Baby since Nelson was a baby and I’m loyal to the product. If I can’t find it, I go with Honest Sunscreen and my boys love it.

I’d love to know what do you do for sunscreen? Am I missing the boat? Is there another out there I need to know about? Please let me know!!

Dashing – xoxox


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