Succulent Necklace by Passion Flower

Mar 25 2014

by Christy Griner Hulsey

So, at the shop we’re always on the lookout for trends that ROCK… and this succulent necklace by my amaza-talented-friend Susan Mcleary atPassionflower def qualifies! Though I am totally obsessed with everything Sue does, this is really the bees knees. This is IT.


photo by Abby Rose Photography

Even Martha Stewert Weddings loves my sweet friends jewelry, and even shared it on Instagram. Is that crazy great, or what?

I love you Passion Flower Sue. And, I love your latest creation as much. Job well done. Love it! Xo!


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Christy Griner Hulsey is the Creative Director of Colonial House of Flowers, a family run boutique, founded in 1968 in South Georgia along the United States eastern seaboard in the little town of Statesboro - south of Atlanta, north of Savannah and with a growing international presence.

Using plants, flowers and a real story as her medium she specializes in creating intimate, high-end, bespoke, artistic partnerships, weddings, and event florals. She travels the globe teaching sold-out workshops, hosting fun pop-up shops, demonstrating and sharing herself in ways that focus on her old-world, painterly, classic yet whimsical garden style arrangements, which she shares on instagram @colonialhouseofflowers.

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