Southern Soul BBQ shares their Hoppin’ John recipe with The Southern Coterie

Dec 27 2013

by Cheri Leavy

Southern Soul BBQ owners and pit masters, Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp, were gracious and shared their Hoppin’ John recipe with you. If you want to purchase Southern Soul sauces or rubs which will upgrade your cookouts in 2014, check out the online store.

We southerners believe you must eat Hoppin’ John and collard greens for good luck and prosperity in the new year. The peas represent coins and the collards are the green of cash. The fact is these delicious hearty dishes also serve to soak up the champagne hangover from the countdown to the new year. And if that doesn’t work, a Bloody Mary will. Fat and Juicy Bloody Mary Mix is preferred around here. Add some of your favorite Phickles Pickles accoutrements- we love the Okies in ours!

Happy New Year from the C-Team!

Southern Soul’s Hoppin’ John

1/4 pound of finely diced pork fatback
olive oil to cover the bottom of a cast iron dutch oven
1 large finely chopped sweet onion
4 cloves fresh garlic, minced fine
1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 pound of smoked sausage- we prefer fresh Italian but any variety will do
2 large vine-ripe tomatoes roughly chopped
4 pounds of fresh, frozen , or drained canned black-eyed peas
1-2 quart of good quality chicken stock
salt & pepper
quart of cooked white rice

Cook fatback in hot olive oil until brown and crispy. Sweat onion and garlic with salt and pepper for 10 minutes. Add herbs, sausage and tomato and cook down for 15 minutes stirring constantly. Stir in chicken stock and black-eyed peas and bring to a slight boil, then cover and simmer for 1 hour, adding more stock if needed. Add cooked rice to the pot and stir. Hoppin’ John is ready to eat. Serve in big bowls with a side of crispy skillet cornbread and butter.

Enjoy another C-Team member’s perspective – The Truth About Hoppin’ John

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  1. marydellharrington

    I’ll be cooking a double batch of black eyed peas this year – hoping for good luck for our high school senior applying to college!

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