Southern Presidents

Feb 17 2014

by Whitney Long

The South has long been a center of political power in the United States, especially in regard to Presidential elections.

During the history of the United States, the South has supplied many of the 43 presidents. Virginia specifically was the birthplace of seven of the nation’s first twelve presidents (including four of the first five).

Southern born presidents: George Washington – VA, Thomas Jefferson – VA, James Madison – VA, James Madison – VA, Andrew Jackson – Carolinas, William Henry Harrison – VA, John Tyler – VA, James Polk – NC, Zachary Taylor – VA, Abraham Lincoln – KY, Andrew Johnson – NC, Dwight Eisenhower – TX, Lyndon B. Johnson – TX, Jimmy Carter – GA, Bill Clinton – AK

Worth mentioning – George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush – though neither were born in a Southern state, they have lived and built their political dynasties in Texas.

Happy Presidents Day!


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