Aug 13 2015

by Lauren M. Creative

I have always been a huge fan of the lovely Reese Witherspoon.  She is a true class act, and although she is one of the most famous actresses, she knows how to keep it real. I really respected her when she returned to her roots and moved back to Nashville, TN with her kids.  Since then (and even before) she has made such an effort to raise her family with the values and traditions of her Southern upbringing and from one Southern girl to the next…I totally respect her!



I recently heard that Reese was starting her own clothing and home line which is rooted in the South and features local artisans and designers who have collaborated with her to create a charming collection of items that are a true reflection of Southern style.  When I heard this fabulous news, I thought of the other thousands of lines that celebrities have tried to build.  Some more successful than others, yet instead of just chalking it up to another way for a celebrity to build their name…I felt that Ms. Witherspoon was going to successfully take her passion of the South and truly build a future household name.

Draper James, named after Reese’s Grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon, is the epitome of Southern Charm and Grace with feminine and southern touches everywhere you turn. From scalloped skirts and floral shirts, to personalized home decor, this adorably charming line has it all!

Draper James Logo


Draper James will open their first flagship store in Nashville soon and I will be planning a trip for a future blog post when that happens.  But for now….I am sharing with you some of my favorite DJ items!



So in the spirit of the South…grab yourselves a nice cold glass of sweet tea, and enjoy!


 Beautiful  Magnolia Paperweight


Single Letter Monogrammed Cocktail Napkin Set – Sferra Linen napkins and crafted by Number Four Eleven, a charming shop in the heart of Savannah, GA. 


The Overlook Bag in Nashville Navy – Crafted with beautiful gold magnolia hardware and customizable with a metallic monogram. I ADORE this! 


Charming “Only Count the Happy Hours” Set of 12 paper coasters Designed by Kentucky-based graphic designer Hanna Seabrook and produced in Raleigh, NC.


Peach Key Fob – Made from Saffiano leather and stunning gold hardware in the shape of a horse bit! There are a few adorable options on the website!


Printed Gilmore Skirt – I love this skirt and there is one in solid navy as well! The feminine scalloped hem and side-seam pleated pockets set this little skirt to the top of my wish list! 

The last item on my list of favorites is certainly not least.  It’s the best in my eyes because the piece is actually crafted by the amazing Kaminer Haislip, an award-winning silversmith from my town..Charleston, SC! She has created a stunning, limited edition sterling silver bowl just for Draper James!  It’s so classic, and sure to be a stunning addition to any home.


XO Y’all!

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